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Macquarie Pass, Illawarra, NSW

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Spots, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Macquarie Pass is closed (as of 4th February 2010) due to landslip/road subsidence. Robertson posted 185mm of rain overnight on the evening of the 4th/morning of the 5th.

    Not sure when it'll reopen.
  2. Re-opened late this afternoon after the waterfall before the first hairpin tore up all the new bitumen (at the Causeway). Temporary repairs have been effected but the Pass will be closed again for more permanent repairs, which I am assuming won't happen until the rain stops.
  3. I hope it's open by Monday, I've got to get to work :LOL:
  4. Oh, okay. We were heading that way around 2pm but all the signage said closed. Thanks for the update. :)
  5. Yep, bitumen doesn't stick in the rain :)
  6. Ah MTFU, there's always Jamberoo Mountain!!
  7. dont even remind me about that road. Going down it at night in thick fog with fading brakes = not fun.
  8. I've just been up to the Pie Shop and back in the car. The entire tar-sealed cover of the causeway at the large waterfall has been torn off the road. There is about a 5" drop-off in both direction onto the lower road sealing. The situation is well sign-posted and not at all dangerous, although anyone venturing onto the Pass on a bike is going to contend with bark, leaves and smalll broken branches from top to bottom......
  9. Any news on MP as im from Bowral now living in sydney and im feeling a , Wollongong via coast road up to the pie shop down Jamberoo through to berry and back to the city Via Kangaroo vally and of course coffee culture in bowral LOL .
    Will be a nice weekend for it if the rain holds
    Been way to long since ive done that loop
    I used to do those trips at least twice a month growing up in bowral ..... Me My Ls and my RZ 250 / 350
  10. MP is in excellent condition at the moment. RTA has done a lot more drainage work in the last few weeks and there's still a tiny bit of gunk on the surface where they've cleaned out the water table, but nothing to be alarmed about.

  11. will have over 30 bikes heading to RNP on Sunday if u want to join us
  12. and the RTA have also done extensive work in cleaning out the gutters and cutting back the low undergrowth from the edges; in fact that Pass is in its best health for years, in my opinion....

    <just beware of horizontal VFR-750 Hondas>

    <sorry, mate :LOL:>
  13. Thanks mate
    Much Appreciated