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MacNamara Park ride day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Grytpype-Thynne, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Some mates and myself are headed to the Mac Park track in sunny down-town Mt Gambier (SA) for a day of fun, knee down riding action at the best kept secret in Oz - February 24 (Saturday).

    Costs are reasonable: $60 track hire, $40 membership of the Mount Gambier Motorcycle and Light Car Club (track owners), and $15 ride day license. Club membership is for 12mths and should you head that way again is one less expense to deal with.

    Any Netriders curious to make the journey?


    Mac Park runs these days on the last Saturday of each month and its well worth the trip - the track is narrow and bumpy, just like a country road, with elevation changes and nice, flowing sections that reward the rider immensely.
  2. im hoping to cum 2 this. im racing there on march 10/11th so itd b nice 2 have a go on the track b4 then. mite c u there
  3. No worries. If you see three green bikes, mines' the black one :-s
  4. definatly coming.
    what bike r u on?
    ill b on a red cbr600rr. number 666
  5. Will be on a Black/Orange CBR600 F4i - should be easily identifiable by the squadron of green Kawasaki's belonging to some mates, that I will sharing a pit with. I will be the odd one out :)

    Will keep an eye open for ya - and hopefully not get in the way :wink:
  6. I would come out but there are races at Mallala this weekend.
  7. Well, a good time was had by all it seemed, though a few nerfed it there were no major injuries. A good number of the Hartwell MCC were there, getting track practice in for their meeting next month - Good luck to Pomy Boy with that one.

    Hey Pomy Boy - good to meet you and I hope I didnt get in your way too badly. I think I noticed you whizz past on occasion, particularly when I was stuck in a traffic jam - wasnt keen on passing some of the others as they obviously didnt know or care that I was on their tail. And there were a few guys on motards that were much faster than they had any right to be :grin: , who were dicing hard and proving near impossible to get past, spreading themselves across the track in most corners and changing direction seemingly at random :?

    Good weather, great track and after it was done, we adjourned to the Gambier Hotel for food and beer, and the publican graciously changed the screens in the dining room to Focks so we could watch the Supers! A perfect ending to a great day.
  8. twas good 2 meet u 2 g-t. what a physical track that is! my legs r killing me 2day. took me a bit 2 get used 2 the track especially as u cant c most of the corners. and the crash i had in the 1st session was a bit annoying. them motards were prety qhick through the corners, gr8 track 4 em i reckon. its a bit tight 4 me but im glad i went as i hope it will give me a bit of an upper hand in the next races there.