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Mackay this time.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Kezza53, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. :LOL: Well...I am off again. Mackay this time. My hubby and daughter are heading off to a kart race down there and I will follow on my Shadow. Will let you all know how I go on my return. Have great weekend whatever or
    wherever you get to. Safe journey.

  2. Have a great ride Kezza!! It's all practice for the BIGGER trip yeah? ;)
  3. Got that right Rosie. I am actually looking at it differently as of reading the article on Queenie that Davo told me about. Don't think about it just do it. So I have stopped thinking about how far it is and focusing on the journey. Thats the go I reckon!! :biker:
  4. Kezza one of the ladies in the Ulysses forum posted quite some time back that she had read something I wrote on covering distance and remembered it.

    She had never ridden more than a couple hundred klms and had to go and pick up her new bike. She thought about what I had said and managed to ride quite safely about 7-800klms from memory in that day to get her bike home.

    Now all I said was this.

    After I got home from Bris>Freo ride last year someone asked me what was going through my head when I left Brisbane knowing I was about to ride across Australia under 2days.

    I said quite honestly "oh I was only going to Moree when I left Brisbane, then I was going to Nygan, then Cobar ....... "

    Point being that I do not ride from point A to point Z, I ride point A to B, then B to C. In my mind I break the ride down into managable sections (fuel stops usually) and that makes it much easier for the brain to comprehend.

    Its not different to what I do in my business (real estate office) or many parts of life. That is take a big problem and "chunk it down" disect it to pieces you can do.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Just found her post, Zan said:

  6. And to quote that silly Wild Hogs movie ...ditch the watch! Hubby has rung me to tell me the road is rough but I am not listening to him. Part of his comment is hope she won't do it and the other half is be careful when you do! Men. Anyway thats what I'll do...tomorrow I'll go to Ayr from there Bowen etc etc
    I am very excited.
    My BIG trip I have planned funnily enough I had sorted into chunks of about 400 ks a day. The longest gap was about 6 hours between Canberra and Sale. Now I know I can do it as I was still thinking of it as a total journey and not the chunks. Looking at doing that around late summer 08. Have stops planned and free lodgings all the way!! You never know might try and time it to coincide with a netrider event as well. By then I will be an 'old timer'.
    Thanks again. :grin:
  7. Kezza if you are passing Cooroy (where you can turn to Noosa Heads) try and pop into the office, riders are always welcome at my place. Office is E-Noosa Realty and we are just to the left of the pub, next door.
  8. :cool: I am back!! 853 k's all up. I was a little worried about coming back as I was tired and sore but heck I just got in the saddle and off I went, knocking back the k's like a veteran. I actually feel less tired today after coming home than I did last night. It was great. Had a couple of mishaps but nothing a 'cool chick':roses: couldn't handle. I took a wrong turn and when I did a U turn I dropped it!! I didn't panic. Just turned her off and put my back into it and up she went. I was in one of those cane paddock rabbit warrens, as I call them...little narrow bitumen lanes between cane fields. No one for miles!! The second time I did it was little different. I was relocating her parking spot at the track and the 'story' has wet slippery grass , a hill and a rocky path as main characters! My daughter reckons I did the best commando roll she's ever seen. I did break an indicator light but I didn't scratch her even. Me? I limp a little to the left but that will pass. I was more worried about dints and scratches on the bike than me. Right attitude? Even did some night riding...got back home about 7 so the last bit was crisp and cool. I got 266 k's out of my tank before I switched to reserve and then %*#T myself for another 23 k's till I came across another servo. Will try not to leave it that close again, at least I know now what she can do. I was having such a good time I forgot to fill up! Can you believe that?:LOL: Hope you guys and gals had a great weekend too. I am busy planning that biggie of mine now!! Just gotta go scrape the bugs off my visor first!
  9. looking forward to seeing you down this way soon at the rate you're going.....great stuff.

    we were joined by judy today - 61 and going strong on her virago......