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Mackay Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chrisco7689, May 31, 2008.

  1. Any mackay riders on this site keen for a ride?

  2. Hi Chrisco,
    I'm not in Mackay, but there arent many twisty roads around Townsville, so I will be heading South and North for some weekends soon to stretch the legs of the new CB1300
  3. Try the NQ Riders forum, It has a section just for Mackay & surrounds motorbike riders.
  4. where u find that forum?
  5. My brother is in Mackay and rides a black 07 CBR1000RR. He is not on the forum though. I think there might be one person one here from Mackay that posts regularly. I'll probably be fanging my brothers bike around when i'm down there this weekend.

    What do you ride?
  6. Here try this link. http://www.nqriders.com/index.php
    It's a forum for Far North Qld, Mackay through to Cairns. There's a few guys on there that meet up for rides.
  7. when i pick it up tomoz it will be a 98 suzuki across

    still restricted