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Macca's '11 CBR250R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Macca_Gong, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. So, Ill finally throw a thread up about my bike!

    New rider, first bike, Why get 2nd hand at this price, Fully insured for $456 a year with honda (swann)( Over 25, and Rating 1)

    First bike sold by my local shop, Got it for $5990 ride away

    Ordered the OEM Rear seat cowl $300 and a tinted screen $30

    Damn screen took me 4 hours to fit! Had to remove the whole nose, pull it apart to get access to all the mounting bolts and clips and what not.

    Added a rego tube, removed the rear pegs.

    Ordered an R&G Fender eliminator, which took 50 days to arrive seems as they put them for sale before they did the production run.

    Also just today got some gear from thai company Bikers, they are the only ones so far to have adjustable levers for my small hands, winter gloves were so hard to use on the stock non adjustable levers, even with my thinner summer gloves it was a stretch.

    From bikers i got the levers, a nut for the center yoke, a clutch adjuster for the lever and 2 lever bolts, all posted to me for way under $200 and there was 2 sets of levers in that box in that price, other set is up for grabs! They are red ones.

    So some pics!

    New bike

    Seat Cowl

    With extra storage :D


    tinted screen and rego tube




    Fender Eliminator


    See 2nd post, pic limit reached haha
  2. [​IMG]


    Bikers Gear







    Only other mods will be a few black faring bolts, and the Hotbodies racing MGP exhaust once they are for sale in the next month.


    Other than that I love the bike, great starter, Does me well on the freeway between wollongong and sydney.
  3. So no exhaust yet :p
    Very nice mate
  4. Black Bikes ROCK. Nice bike mate. I like the rear seat and no pegs option. Giving me ideas what to do on my Ninja..
  5. that bikes got a hot ass! Congrats, and well done with the sensible mods
  6. Good effort (skipping past the flouro vest). A pipe should be great.

    You should think about bar end mirrors too. They'll tidy it up and change the whole look heaps.
  7. Ahh Fluro vest is my work one, Not for riding, I took the cage to work, the parts delivered and well I was in a rush to install them so I didn't change :p
  8. looks the goods mate. if at any stage you find this is lacking in power, go ride a cbr125 ;) i started on one of them and couldnt believe the difference betweent that and a cbr250 :)

    looks like your enjoying it, ride safe
  9. I love the dash on that thing, so much nicer than the fisher-price my first dashboard on my ninja.
  10. Nice first ride Macca... Good to see you getting in there and fitting a few mods yourself to tidy things up and make the machine truly yours.... Ride safe !
  11. Yeh, Im no stranger to modding crap lol, Car is something of a modded whore. 1.5L and 133kwATW on a piss poor tune.
  12. Yeh, im on illawarra riders, dont post too much however, I should, Just have too many forums to get thru lol
  13. I'm looking into getting one of these Macca, a throw between this and the SE ninja. The EFI and ABS for the same price is what's drawn me to the CBR.

    How is the ride? Is it trouble for someone who suffers from lower back pain?

    Also, how is first gear ratio? I'm on an Intruder at the moment and take off from idle is HORRENDOUS. Granted, i know its a cruiser but to have to change to 2nd immediately after a twist in first gear (sub 10k's p/h) has really gotten on my nerves.
  14. don't buy either... wait until you are unrestricted...
  15. Yeah i've thought about that, MN. But i ride 500+km a week, most in heavy traffic, so i've had a fast learning curve. I've had the 'Suzi for 6 months now, and i''m craving for a bit more power, especially pulling away from the cagers at lights. The lack of 'go' has been bugging me for a long time now. I can't see myself staying frustrated for the next 11 months of my P's.

    THe CBR and Ninja 250's are all in my price range, especially after a trade in with the Suzi. I'm looking at those as my commuter, as i'm saving up for a Moto Guzzi V7 limited when i'm off restrictions.
  16. you want a guzz v7? The plastic one from china?

    Good lord, there is no helping you :D

    Fact of the matter is, you aren't going to get anything with much more power. Thats the definition of LAMs. No matter what bike you get, they are all restricted to the same level.

    If you really, really, really feel the need for something faster, get a cheap dirt bike and motard it. It'll be fast as stink away from the line.

    Every bike you buy though, you lose money. Thats the reality. You'll find upgrading whilst in your LAMs period will set you back a couple of grand. Personally, i'd rather put have with the LAMs hunk of junk and spend that couple of grand on something decent i can ride for the next 10 years. Lams only lasts for a couple of years. You'll have your MC license for the rest of your life after it.
  17. Hi Macca,

    Awesome bile, I got the red/siver last Thursday week and I'm loving it. You should go to a Netrider Sat L morning great way of learning and meeting a few people. I'd like to get those red levers too if I could. I live in Melbourne but I've got a mate who could pick them up and pay for them. let me know if youve still got them,

  18. Yeh I have still got them.

    I went to an L's session a few weeks ago, was good, I have just been super busy of late with a stage production i'm drumming for, so once its done ill be back up, hopefully on P's going for them next sunday.
  19. more mods
    So, I dis like some of the silver bolts on the black fairings, and well I wanted a few red ones too hehe

    Insert $70 odd worth of probolt bolts.

    Front Guards

    Left Side

    Right Side

    (faring bolts x2 Cluster Bolts x4 Red lever bolts x4 and 2 bolts for the spare holes x2)

    The Cluster bolts stock have a wide shank, The pro bolts came with some nice little spacers for such an occasion, throw 2 on and walla as you can see same as the stock bolt

    All done and looks awesome!

    Very happy, all I need is an exhaust!

    Also HH EBC sintered pads stock were FF's