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Macarthur Park (no, not the song) report in latest OBA

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Jim Scaysbrook, himself a competitor in the first Macarthur Park Road Closure race meeting in Canberra, and the Editor of 'Old Bikes Australasia', has written a fine article on the race meetings we ran there back in the seventies, with a photo from the race meeting on the cover.

    Don't miss it if you can.

  2. That name rings a bell, he raced B grade a long time ago didn't he? Was it him that crashed the Hailwood Ducati or was that Stu Avant?
  3. Yep it was him.
  4. Jim was a very active rider in the seventies, on the MHR and a lot of other bikes. He rode the 900SS Ducati that is now in the National Motorcycle Museum at Bathurst, in the Six Hour, with Hailwood himself, no less, and other venues too. He also raced a TZ-350 sponsored by Captain Snack, and once famously ridden (and spectacularly crashed at Oran Park), by Graeme Crosby. He's a classic bike encyclopaedia, and currently lives at Gross Vale in the foothills of Sydney, from where he edits Old Bikes Australasia....
  5. Thanks.
  6. Stu Avant was the nominated reserve rider for the Hailwood/Scaysbrook team at the Six Hour in 1977. In practice, Avant trashed the bike, necessitating a rebuild before qualifying.
  7. Mr Scaysbrook was a competitor at the recent Southern Classic race meeting.