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Mac vs Windows vs Linux

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scrambles, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Y'all should get Mac's...seriously, way of the future.

  2. Macintosh has had 22 years to be the way of the future and has less than 3% of the world market. If it was going to happen, it would have by now. As long as they continue to treat their customers like dumb cattle who'll pay any price for whatever is new, and their dealer channel like dumb idiots who have to accept zero margin for the product and still smile while they go out of business, nothing is going to change either.....
  3. What the naked rider above said! I love Macs, I really do, I first got on the internet on an old 2Si with a black and white A4 monitor..irc and all that...yep, steam powered!
    I really wanted to buy a Mac when I upgraded, but games-nonexistent. Software-hard to find and waaay more expensive. Peripherals/game controllers- very hard to find, expensive and garbage.
    Too bad Apple didn't suck it up when they had the chance and flood the market like IBM did.......
    It's a lot like VHS/Beta. Beta is way better, but marketing sucked.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I agree with you both. I was perhaps a little rash, let me rephrase: y'all should get jobs that pay for your Mac, deal with the customer-relations dept, buy upgrades and peripherals. There, that makes MUCH more sense.
  5. :LOL: You HAVE such a job??? Send me an application!! :LOL:
  6. No, actually, but my freind who works as a lead researcher at CSU does...and conincidently he was the one that put me onto the Mac wagon. Come to think of it I now know why...he doesn't have to lift a finger! If it doesn't work, REPLACE IT! Its not his money after all...
  7. I work in IT and can tell you that yes, macs are good, but they will never be the standard. They excel at multimedia, but fall behind a bit in the other areas.

    I can't stand them from a personal viewpoint.

    And they're not built to break all the time. They just do (particularly if you run Windows). You can run Linux on a machine for years before they need rebooting, even after updating and changing things like IP addresses.
  8. *warning rant mode on*

    Mac's are great it's just the after sales service (in Australia) that is a complete joke. I would expect paying al cheapo prices for PC's that there would be less support when sh*t hits the fan. (can't comment) But paying premium prices for Macs, even when you still have 2 weeks left on warranty, they like to ignore you. It's been 3 months since I called up to get my laptop serviced under warranty, I have received a total of 1 email from Apple acknowledging my need for service. Granted my issue is only cosmetic (perhaps health a hazard - yet to find out) my laptop is still usable. I don't have the time to be placed on hold while they check India for my call records. After 10+ phone calls and receiving only 1 email in return I have stopped raving on about how good Macs are compared to other computers. Will I buy Macs in future? it's gonna be like getting ass fcuked in prison, I don't have much choice in the matter.

    The only other gripe I have with Apple's crap service is that while I was in Japan with my older laptop, eventhough nobody could speak english very well, they ran through hoops to help me with a simple problem. Turned out to be just some fried RAM (aftermarket btw). I managed to communicate "no boot" "maybe RAM" in extra slow and loud "Jenglish". After they were completely baffled as to why the asian fella couldn't speak Japanese.

    My complaint is not about the lack of communicative ability from the Japanese office, but rather the level of service offered in other countries compared to here. Why don't the Australian offices have the same level of service or at least look like they give a toss.

    *rant mode off*

    In the end it's just a box of bits, that helps me earn my crust. and I guess in a way work pays for it. Just don't get me started on ipods.
  9. Mac's are crap.

    Mac's go through new OS' like Intel go through new CPU's