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NSW Mac Pass

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by oldcorollas, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. yeah, probably not the best idea today.
    water over road, bus was stuck earlier, possibly rock falls
    Jamberoo road also closed

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  2. you didn't go in your cage did you??? o_O

    was it still passable? a bit surprised they hadn't closed it.
  3. Yeah ... I'll ride in the rain ok, but that's a LITTLE damp for my liking.
  4. Holy crap !
  5. yeah and when the rain stops there will be mud and crap all over the road
  6. Let me share a little (ok, longish. 11 minutes) video that should illustrate my attitude to that situation.

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  7. And that kind of mud is like the proverbial that sticks to a blanket ! :(
  8. The baby shyt stuff, yeah that sticks to everything. Another rainy day coming back the other way on that road it took me an hour and twenty minutes to cover the one mile stretch. Every ten to twenty meters I'd have to get off and scrape the built up crap out from under the front guard where it locking locking the wheel solid. The company insistence that there was nothing wrong with that road (access to a prototype solar power plant construction site) was one of the reasons I left.
  9. nooo, tucked up at home, with 70-100k+ winds and still pissing down (280-300mm in 36hrs?), even the cage is not likely to get wet today.

    reports of 8-10m swells would be fun to have a look at though
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  10. I'll just mention that I had a Pilot Road 4 tyre on the front and it was MAGIC on the wet bitumen!
  11. or can ff to here ;)

    that stuff looked slippery and sticky, hope it was a soft landing
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  12. Slippery? Very. Sticky? Oh hell yeah! Soft landing? Nope. Shoulder ached for days after that. The top inch is slime but under that is hard pack.
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  13. you were taking it so easy too.
  14. Totally the wrong bike and especially the wrong tyres for that kind of trail. Just a shame my place of work was at the other end of it. No damage to the bike, thankfully. Not even a broken blinker. Just a bruised up shoulder and a solid refusal to ride on mud ever again on what's really a road bike.
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  15. after riding on dirt a few weeks back on the Six Ferry ride a few of us have vowed never to ride on dirt (with road bikes) ever again. if I saw that mud I would have turned around but we don't always get that choice. lucky no damage to the DL.
  16. I was supposed to preach in Goulburn this morning, but I heeded the advice not to be on the roads unless necessary and messaged them that I wasn't going to come. By the look of that picture I wouldn't have got there anyway.....
  17. kangaroo valley closed too.

    ABC radio now saying that all roads between Illawarra and shoalhaven are now closed, except for Hume hwy
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  18. Bah, no worse than most Sydney CBD intersections today. :confused:

    Bike got the day off today. Fuggit.
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