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Mac Pass Near Miss WTF !!!! NSW

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    i use Macquarriee Pass (Wollongong to southern highlands NSW) at least 3 times a week for work in my cage work ute...

    i was in the ute this morning heading down the MTN came up to a 35kph blind corner i slow down to about 50ks as i know i can take it at that speed like i have done for the past yr.. but this time this corner had a hidden danger.. some TOSSER in a LANCER decided to do a 3 point turn on MAC PASS... a truck coming up the hill nearly T boned him i Nearly T boned him... he looked at me as if i was in the wrong... he finally turns the lancer around and starts back down the mtn again... he is now doing 25kph in the 60 zone.. i first thought ahh ok L plater fair enough but no L plates could be seen... i look in my mirror to find 13 cars all banked up going down the hill.. people beeping horns waving hands out the window etc etc..

    finally get to the bottom of MAC pass and he pulls over in the little Park there.. so i pull over as well.. i was fuming at this stage.. i walk up and knock on his window he ignores me. i knock again he then picks up his phone and i see him call 000. i walked back to my car shaking my head and left..... will i be expecting a visit from the boys in blue ??? how am i in the wrong ??? he nearly killed me and himself doing the U bolt....

    if i bike was to come around that corner doing 60-70 then game over...

    im raging hard atm
  2. I can understand your frustration at the situation. From how it reads he is a completely incompetent driver who should not be on the roads.

    However, with you approaching his window like that, he was probably shitting himself. Hence the phone call to 000. But then again, you don't really know why he was ringing. Don't panic, you haven't done anything wrong and if the police do see you (which I doubt), just explain to them what happened.
  3. Add this dill to the list of dills that seem to be endemic to the Pass, kingy. I travel it twice a week for work (we probably see each other in our cars :LOL:) and several times a week for fun and every day brings a challenge of rampant stupidity.

    I must admit I've dropped a U-Turn on the Pass a couple of times myself, but on the bike, and only at a spot where I could be seen for a reasonable distance in both directions...
  4. cheers spruce... kinda sitting here wondering
  5. if you see a white ford ute with truck spare parts written on it .. that's most likely me or one of the other clowns at my work

    people wonder why there are so many deaths on this road... this bloke plus myself could of been another statistic...
  6. We share the roads with these muppets who do stupid things like a u-turn in a dangerous part of the road endangering all those around. If he called the cops, maybe he should get fined for dangerous driving or an illegal u-turn???
  7. times like this i wish i carried around a go pro both in car and on bike... might go buy one i think... myself and the truckie could not believe whats unfolding in front of us... i was shocked....
  8. Worse yet, if kingy had run off the road and crashed while trying to avoid this idiot, HE'D have been charged with Negligent Driving.....
  9. You are a scary man Kingy! Oh well, at least you gave him a good fright.
  10. nah mate i aint a scary fella at all lol..
  11. You did nothing wrong except maybe trying to settle your rage. There's no law about going up to someone to have a talk. Highly doubtful you will get a visit from the cops.

    With a driver like that you might expect they had an issue such as being lost or the car broken down. Going up to the car to offer to assist them is a friendly thing to do. You never know but that might have even been the case and instead of all those honking horns etc you just deal with it. Even if the driver was a just a total tool or big time incompetent you expect those and just deal with it.
  12. From reading your post, when he pulled over, you followed him and approached his window to ask if he was ok and/or if he needed any help. From your observations, he was not driving in a competent manner and could have been a liability to not only himself, but to other road users as well. You were only being a concerned citizen and for that fact alone, you approached his vehicle to make sure he was not injured and coherent.
    I don't think the boys in blue would say anything to you about it.
  13. ...cops won't approach you. No one was hurt or speeding...so you're safe.
  14. This is exactly when a [del]helmet[/del] dash- or body-mounted camera is vitally needed. It would have proven that you were actually concerned about his well-being, and not about to launch an attack on him or his car [as he may stated to the cops — assuming he really did place the call].

    Did you get his rego? What colour is his Lancer? Can you recall any other pertinent details, such as his physical description?
  15. he was in a cage, the other driver was in a cage
  16. Ah, my description should have been less specific :D Body-mounted cam it is, then, for best results! Else, a dashcam that has an excellent viewpoint when properly parked.
  17. Shoulda actually t-boned him, tell the cops he pulled it in front of you.
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  18. I read stories like this, then I think about the road safety messages that focus so heavily on speeding, and I sigh in despair.

  19. bloke was in his Mid 30s. wearing a suit and tie. lancer was red . noticed he had folders on his passenger seat aswell as a GPS suction capped to his dash board. i think he would of been a sales rep. even with car problems there is no way why anyone would try and turn around.

    i was in my work ute which is fully sign written. the company i work for is a well know trucking company in the illawarra area... i was scared my boss might be getting a call lol...
  20. I suspect the GPS may have played the part of the culprit, leading him through a path he eventually decided against.

    Good on you for cataloguing the above. It could come in handy in future.