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Featured NSW Mac Pass blocked both directions- stupid truck

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by oldcorollas, May 16, 2015.

  1. http://www.illawarramercury.com.au/...e-pass-blocked-due-to-oversized-truck/?cs=300

    Happening now, May 16. guess that means no pies today...
    and maybe take care tomorrow as there could be diesel on the hairpin

    Macquarie Pass is closed in both directions on Saturday morning due to an oversized truck getting stuck on a hairpin bend.

    Live Traffic NSW is reporting the Illawarra Hwy (Macquarie Pass) is closed in both directions as a result of the truck - believed to be a furniture truck - being stuck on a hairpin bend.

    Police, Rural Fire Service and Fire Rescue NSW crews are in attendance; a HAZMAT unit from Albion Park was called to the scene around 10am over fears of a ruptured fuel tank.

    Reports from the scene say the truck's fuel tank is jammed against the road.

    Emergency services report the truck is stuck on the second hairpin bend.
    Eastbound motorists are being diverted to Jamberoo Mountain Road.
    Westbound motorists are being turned around at Tongarra. Motorists can use Terry St and Jamberoo Mountain Rd.

    Emergency services are awaiting the arrival of a tow truck from the top of the mountain.
    Motorists are advised to expect delays and avoid the area.
  2. oldcorollasoldcorollas damn and blast and sorry about your pie!!!!! it sucks big time - same as trucks ignoring the many warnings and trying to go through Galston gorge and getting stuck - doesn't anybody think ahead anymore and look at whether their vehicle will actually make it!!! - probably not - should hit him with a whopping great fine :grumpy:
  3. they were quick! still, be careful for any fuel spill up there

    Live Traffic NSW (Twitter)

    ROBERTSON: #IllawarraHwy now open in both directions. A truck that was stuck on a hairpin bend has been removed.
  4. almost as good as this

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  5. Trucks and caravans should not be allowed on Mac pass. Several times I have approached a corner only to have to swerve or stop to avoid being imbedded in grill of an on coming truck or 4WD coming through the corner on my side of the road! Same thing has happened to me on Jamberoo Mnt rd.
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  6. That's an opinion and an experience we all share but the answer we have always got from the DMR, RTA and now the RMS is that it is a highway and they can't place restrictions on it. This is despite the fact that there ARE restrictions on Jamberoo, AND there ARE truck length restrictions on the Pass itself.
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