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Mac Park Track Days 2008

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Grey Gentry, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Some of you may be interested in a cheap weekend at MacNamara Park near Mt.Gambier.
    January 19th & 20th I've booked this one.
    April 12th & 13th

    $380 for 2 days on the track, coaching, and 3 nights accommodation.

  2. "your motorcycle must be fully registered..."

    wtf? No track bikes on the track? :?
  3. From the blurb, it seems so. Probably more of a rider training day, than a true track day?

    Mac Park have monthly track days according to the website.http://www.macpark.org/
  4. You can forget it for awhile as we have had some trouble with our resurfacing as it started to lift and have had to wait for a few months before the mob who did it to come back and try fix it as they seem to think it was too cold when they did it the first time.

    Today we held a test ride on the track that they had redone with little success as it has started to lift again so we wont be having any track ride days or so on till further notice well at least not with road bikes as it is not safe but we have been having Motard style as is only using part of the track which i think might still go ahead but untill we find out more from the company that did the job on the track there will be no racing.

  5. Thanks for the heads up, I'll await official notification of the cancelation.
    Maybe I'll ring Roadcraft + on Monday.
  6. Hi Grey, Most people would not know by Monday but the calls will be going out to Mary Lou who runs some of these events along with Roadcraft and us as committee decided today that it is not safe as the track as it is so in time we will let Hartwel and other parties know of the situation so it will be wait and see game and hope to have it fixed sometime soon we hope but twice this mob have done the job and still no good.

  7. Good luck with contractor, and the getting the track back in shape.

    Joel....where are you when we need you? :(
  8. It seems the contractors came good with another resurface. And that the out come is good.
    I'll be there next weekend 12/13 ..anybody else from here attending?