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SA MAC leads the way again with another Doohan Ad. TAC why won't you follow their lead?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. The latest bike safety ad from MAC in South Australia.

    When I last spoke to TAC, they categorically stated an aversion to using the likes of Mick Doohan in any of their ads..

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  2. Great informative ad.....................
  3. Trouble with TAC is they're not focusing on stopping accidents happening in the first place.
    They've either given up or don't know how to reduce accidents so aim at what they think is easier as letting people crash but less damage by the slowing down message..

    Where this falls down is like what's happened in the last few weeks in VIC.
    So many crashes where it seems most were not over any limits but the carnage is terrible.

    All they've done is made road users believe that as long as you're not over the speed limit you're safe rather than you're safe if you don't crash regardless of what speed you're doing.
  4. Great ad. I watched it with the sound off and the visual message got through loud and clear.
    No need for graphic images of a biker being the victim of a SMIDSY and skittling down the road.
    TAC need's to take a leaf out of this ad campaign but as stated above it will be scoffed at and I think they may like it if Carl Stefanovic or Tracey Grimshaw featured in the clip.

  5. My problem with that ad is the bike sits in the right hand wheel track the whole time. When I come to that situation I would swerve over to the left trying to get in the right turners field of vision (not being obscured by the car in front of him) as well as making my self more obvious through a turning headlight and giving me buffer space to help prevent an accident. I like the idea of the ad but it should show how to approach the intersection safely.
  6. Prommy put us onto this fellow here.... https://www.facebook.com/#!/RoadKillBook

    He Tweets on the page regularly and has a refreshing if not disturbing view on Road Kills.
    He flies in the face of conventional TAC wisdom. Interesting stuff, check it out.
  7. I thought the ad was meh, all it said was intersections are dangerous.

    When they start making ads that address ineptitude and attitude we'll be getting somewhere.
  9. He probably tells them how they're on the wrong TAC :grin:
  10. Bit harsh. Showing the brake covering, the gearing down and catching the driver eye, makes it an educational ad. It also says something to drivers as well as riders. It educates drivers to the fact that riders concerns are different to drivers.

    Better than the fear based ads and better than the "look twice for motorcycles" ads.
  11. Well i'm in that kinda mood at the moment.

    It's too subtle and will be lost on most the viewing public that needs to be spoon fed. Supercheap shits all over it from that point of view.

    Anything is better than the drivel TAC puts out so you'll get no arguments from me on that one.
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  13. ok, so lets NOT use a respected riders views and opinions,
    that other riders will take as gospel

    yeah, that"ll work.
    they need some sort of award for being so dumb, surely.
    a nice big trophy they can put in head office, for being the dumbest traffic authority in the history of the world.
    a group ride to present them with their trophy.

    then they can open their doors for tourists.
    from around the globe people will get guided tours to see how dumbest individuals ever to ever be given road authority operate. they can screen their adds in the foyer.
  14. This ad doesn't talk to cagers, it talks to riders. Kicking down a gear and covering your brakes - they're only things that a rider can appreciate. But there's two serious roadcraft flaws in this ad and I'm aghast that it's gotten through. First is on approach to the intersection and second is at about 30 seconds in. Does anyone else spot them?

    Also just noticed the driver and rider acknowledge each other with a nod - it's very subtle and nice, but it's way too late in the game to deal with a hazard when you're at a distance that you can look into each others eyes.

    I don't know. 6 / 10 for execution, 8.5 / 10 for the message. Gotta agree with Cheffie, the Carma ad is better.
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    No buffer? Thats my big problem as said earlier. Plus id be covering breaks with the whole hand not two fingers.
  16. Assuming the first is the lack of buffering, are you talking about two fingers only on the front brake (lots of varied opinions on this) or the cager turning his wheels right prior to the road being clear? A rear end nudge would have put him right into the bike.
  17. Yeh, the two finger vs four finger braking thing - well spotted, but not what I was alluding to.

    Yep, the total lack of buffering or any movement when the car is clearly wheels turned and looking very likely like crossing your path is the big one. If that rider was my mentoree, I'd be definitely having some words with them.

    The one before that though is that the rider doesn't seem to have actively scanned the road or the intersection. That's something I was shocked to note.

    He seems to have blithely ridden into the intersection and relying totally on faith that everyone else will do the right thing - not the kind of message to give when trying to teach people about intersection awareness.
  18. Rob, you and Cheffie are such critics.

    You both are starting to make me think that maybe the TAC were right not to use Doohan:confused:

    Its an ad - with a simple message. We are the only ones that micro-analyse (well I think that's you and Chef that I'm referring to - and maybe some others).

    But, at first glance the message is pretty simple - "take care at intersections". Advice given by someone who knows and understands motorcycles. I would have thought that this was the most important thing - someone who knows and understands motorcycles.

    Until you guys pointed it out, I didn't even notice it - I saw the general message - given by someone who I respect. Now, if I was a newbie or not a frequent rider - would I have noted the fine details? I don't think so......

    The important point here - Is it better than the TAC crap? Or have you both just given the TAC a "free kick"?
  19. Hey I gave it an 8.5/10 for the message.

    If the rider had buffered and/or set up brakes so the "from behind" shot showed a buffer and a brake light, that would have had light bulbs going off for riders all over SA - such a small addition to the ad to make a big difference.

    I don't think it's a free kick. It's a decent ad, it just could have been better IMO.