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MAC laptop and fixing a broken screen.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Flying back from sydney my mac laptop got crushed on the plane :(
    The computer works fine and is just the screen that is cracked(just wants to be like its owner) does anyone know where I can get this fixed etc apart from an expensive apple store? Is it similar to iPhone screens that can be done by guys at local markets on the cheap?

  2. Can you let me know if people PM you an answer? I cracked mine 2 weeks ago.
  3. Yeah no worries
  4. contacted laptops R us yet?
  5. If you haven't busted many apple products in the past, you may be able to sweet talk a guy at an apple store into swapping it for free. I'm on my fourth free iPhone so I dont really like my chances this time...Might be worth a try for you though
  6. Stigger's link is spot on MACFIXIT are the duck's guts
  7. All screens are replaceable and quite an easy job to do...
    Try some local pc stores rather than the main apple places...
    You can even get the screens on line and in most cases (like I've done a few times) cheaper than going back to the manufacturers..

    Used to be the main notebook tech for an Acer reseller a few years back and it was one of the most common and quickest replacements I use to do...
    We had a few laptop programs at a few schools and always came across a few ratbag students who'd use their laptops not to get their rears wet when sitting on the grass!

    I try to steer away from this sort of stuff these days...lol
  8. My sister and my ex were involved in an unfortunate incident involving a Mac lappy and a cup of coffee.
    I have no idea what happened or how it was resolved, I stayed well the f**k out of it.
  9. Without seeing it and knowing the extent of the damage, it sounds like it needs greasing so bring it around :p
  10. Ill give you grease in a minute :p

    Although does grease hold broken fibre glass fairings together?
  11. ...oh dear
  12. not again chickadee?
  13. Not again? What breaking stuff? Thats normality.

    As for the laptop can get a screen off the net and have a crack at it myself, cant be brain surgery.
  14. I thought it was already cracked. Why crack another one?8-[
  15. I've got a big rubbish bin you can use.......
  16. pour boling water on it
  17. Netriders - Always happy to help!