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NSW MAA NSW online survey of motorcycle protective clothing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Just came across this survey being conducted by the george institute on behalf of the New south wales Motor accident Authority (MAA)

    Possibly the start of government interference in our gear despite the blurb at the start


  2. I used every chance i got to explain a answer to state that regulation like what they have done with helmets only leads to higher prices, thus people only being able to afford inferior gear and thus regulation or mandatory gear is counterintuitive
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  3. If Liz de Rome is doing it then it will be carried out properly. I would have no issues with the survey per se.
  4. why isn't this stuff ever done by people who have actually seen a bike in teh flesh and not spent the next week cowering in the corner??
  5. As I said above - it's being done by a researcher who is probably one of the most respected in the country. Liz has had involvement with the MCCNSW and the AMC among others and is very highly regarded both here and internationally as an expert in the field of protective clothing.
  6. I did it, didn't think it was too rigged or anything.
  7. I did it, but was cautious in all my answers to how they may be veiwed by the MAA, Hopefuully Tony is right and Liz de Rome is able to present just facts that can't be bent by the government
  8. as the sample is not random she has no way of interpreting the results. for all she knows they could be all by one person giving random responses. or only numpties could be bothered