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M90 Sissybar

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Spanners, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Yehar! after a many months of searching since i bought my new M90, cobra have released a sissybar and rack for the M90. Placed my order from the states waited a couple of weeks and yesterday it finally arrived. Promply fitted it up, witch went off without a hitch. I love everything about it from the qaulity of the build to the look it adds to the bike. So i thought a share a pic with everyone.


  2. looks great.
    was it really easy to fit up?
    I like the idea of the sissy bar for long trips but i think it takes away from the styling in general and would only want it a couple of times a year.
  3. This looks neat for the M90 too :)

  5. It was as easy as undoing 4 alan head bolts and then doing them back up again. Couldnt get any easier.

    Let me now if ur wanting one and ill send u the details of where i ordered mine as they were cheaper than the cobra website
  6. There is a t shirt for when that happens :grin:
    I opted for the grand tailgater for big trips but I dont take a pillion for them. sits very securley but they do recomend a sports rack and pillion rest. However they reckon not of the Aussie attitude of makeing stuff work :twisted: