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M90 M109 differences

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gardenhero, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Doing some research for a new purchase. I am 195 cm tall and have dodgy knees and I find the M109r very comfortable to sit on but haven't been able to see the M90. Does the M90 use the same frame as the M109r or is it the M50 frame or another frame altogether?

  2. Search for online reviews of the M90. At least some should say if it's the same dimensions.

    If that doesn't answer it then the spec of each bike should have the dimensions that you could campare. IIRC they're pretty much the same other than the engine capacity and some other minor bits.
  3. Looking at the parts fiches we have:
    C90 frame (which I'm pretty sure is the same as the M90, but is different to the M50:
    M109 frame:

    Certainly look different to me, and their prices/part numbers don't match either.
  4. Why are u considering between these bikes?
    Just curious
  5. buy something better, i had a M109R and apart from dropping wheelies across the lights they are pretty shit

    and if you do buy one dont get robbed, i paid $15990 brandnew ride away for a K9 M109R back then
  6. Lol
    Love personal opinions
  7. Go the 109. You get vastly superior suspension and brakes, lovely grunty engine and all day comfort. I've commuted, weekend scratched, and ridden 700k's in a day on mine. I transferred from a 6 month old kawa Z1000 and don't regret it. I've put over 15000ks on mine in a year and never wished that I'd bought the M90 or any other bully. I did consider all of them before I bought the 109. The huge amount of forums and owners groups is also a bonus.
  8. Forgot to mention, my back is fudged (too many years as a power lifter and a broken neck take their toll) and I'm 179cms tall. Never felt that the 109 was too much.
  9. Wow, that's the first time I've seen an M109 owner not praising it.
  10. I second 109er
    I'm on my second 109 after a brief stint on a GSXR 1000
    I also have back injury and find it a blessing
    Will not regret it
  11. I've got an m90. Big difference I've found is the smaller back tyre compared to the 109R. Smaller tyre means better handling around the corners. Of course that depends on the rider. The reach on the m90 is only about an inch shorter than the 108, but the m90 feels more comfortable. Not sure if weight can be debated. M90 is lighter than the 109. But 327kg is still heavy. I might add more later, but both bikes make for exceptional all day riding once a gel seat has been added.
  12. Loose the cruddy OEM Dunnies fitted to the 109 and swap for Metz marathons and there's no difference between the 90 and the 109.
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  13. I sold it a long time ago

    I have a Yamaha roadliner now and could not be happier
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  14. Interesting having ridden one, I dont see what the fuss is about? Just respect the weight and it's not a problem.

    Plenty of power, grip and comfort.

    Just don't think it's a 150kg sports bike.
  15. And try to remember the clown on the Versys behind you trying to keep up!
  16. That spec in the distance
  17. Thanks everyone who contributed to my question. Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I have been cruising the Mid North of SA.

    I noticed the m90 is about 60mm shorter than the m109 but wasn't convinced it is a different frame. I now think it is. I have been impressed by the large number of positive reviews it receives but you have to expect it's not for everyone. The common complaint seems to be the clutch and changing gears and paintwork and chrome. It still seems to be my most likely purchase at this time. I am looking at both the M90 and M109 but I am a bit concerned about the step up in size with the m109, since I am on a 650 at the moment. The m109 does feel comfortable to sit on. I thought if the m90 is the same size but lighter it might be the safer choice plus a bit cheaper. I will have to test ride soon.

  18. Perfectly understandable concerns, the main issue with the gear changes is the step from 1st to 2nd, that has been mitigated somewhat by a much stronger gear fork from 2010MY onwards (I hardly ever use 1st anyway - so much torque on offer it's redundant for 95% of the time), the standard advice from most owners is change gear like you mean it. Never seen any complaints about the chrome and have no problems with mine. I went from a 200Kg Kawa which is approx. the same weight as most 650s. The 109 carries its weight down low so you don't feel it.
    Have a read of http://www.m109riders.com/forums/index.php there's a ton of good advice on there.
    Definitely test ride both and make your own choice though.
  19. I went from a 650cc to the m109
    It's a very civil bike if you want it to be.
  20. Thanks for advice