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M7....did i get away with it.....?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shakey, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Travelling down the M7 about 2 months ago & decided to see if i could evade the toll cameras, i hung out as far as i could in the left break-down lane as i went through them.

    Still i haven't received a letter requesting i pay up.

    What do you reckon..?

    A: M7 operators couldn't be arsed.
    B: I got away with it.
    C: there will be a letter in my mailbox when i get home.

    Has anyone else tried to 'go around' the toll? logic would state to do a mono, but 250RR's don't do so we'll in that department
  2. Nah, you got pinned. Took 3-4 months for my failure to pay toll notice to show up.
    I started panicking thinking crap wheres my fine, i dont wanna pay 200 bucks in late fees.

    It showed up yonks later and i just paid it online.
  3. M7?

    sorry if this is a stupid question, but where the hell are u supposed to put ur e-tag on a bike, i got 1 for my car, and for the M7, but i never use it on my bike, cause i dont know where to put it. any suggestions?
  4. there is no secure way to attach it to a bike with out it being theived or chances falling off or getting wet

    so they come up with an arm band. and that isnt too crash hot an idea. and has the same problems really and then some

    all tolls were ment to go E-tag in jan but they extended the deadline or something like that
  5. Re: M7?

    I have a roam account. I asked them about this and a roam account allows for 4 cars/bikes to be on 1 tag.

    They also use a camera system, so it will read the rego plate, match is against your account details and deduct the funds from your account.

    I think the M2 is now doing the same thing, but not the M4 or M5 as of yet.
  6. couldn't you just chuck it in your wallet or something? (i have no idea what form factor these e-tags are)
  7. we dont have that problem in melbourne.. :grin:
    maybe move down here :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Whats a Toll?

    (smart arsed Tasmanian resident... no such thing as tollways :LOL: :LOL: )
  9. Y E T :wink:
  10. For around $200 or so, i found that you can buy an electronic number plate holder, which blacks out ur number plate with a flick of a switch :) this is not just handy for all toll roads, but also good for free petrol. I'm guessin these things arent legal but u can pick them up on ebay if anyone is interested.
  11. I hope you're not advocating the stealing of petrol from servo's?
  12. is it possible that you went on the M7 during the toll free period, hence the absence of a fine? Time flies, so I can't remember if it has been open 3 months or 6.
  13. It how we all pay for Howard's Jacuzzi! :LOL:

    YOU - toll($$)= Howard + toll($$)
    get it???? lol :LOL:
  14. That thing would pay for itself in about a week in Sydney!

    And who is going to pretend they wouldn't mind ripping off the oil companies for once, not the other way around?!?! :LOL:
  15. Have you considered calling up that number - it's usually a few hundred meters after the toll
    Then you call up and say - "I think i may have not had my etag on (this day) and can you tell me if i did???"
    Then if they say yes - theres no memory of your plate - just hang up!
    Problem solved!
  16. hmmm number plates that black out

    sounds good

    i wonder what the fine is and if theres and points off

    if you guys can find out that would be great

    my speeding fines would pay for that so quickly