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M7 and the e-tag

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. rain, hail or shine it seems that shortly i'll be riding on the M7 to quicken my journey to and fro(3 days wk). not too enthused about paying a toll but hey...

    i'm a relative 'noob' to tolls when it comes to bikes but i'm gobsmacked by the lack of consideration or answers to us bike riders.

    anyhoo, who here travels on the M7 and or uses an 'e-tag'? where the heck do these things go?

  2. Good thing about Melb is we dont have to pay that shit (for the time being
    anyways. Theres always talk here of trying to introduce tolls for bikers)
  3. my understanding is that when u order your etag you need to ask for a special arm band attachment for the e-tag.

    in addition , i should say i am more in favor of an e-tag, than a toll both, but even more so in favor of no toll's for motorcycles.
  4. for the immediate future, motorbikes are not being charged on the M7. the operators have said that they will be introducing a 'motorcycle friendly' solution shorty, until then we ride for free :D
  5. u better ring the e-tag/rta number and confirm, i was told last week about the arm bands no mention of anything free. appart from me saying i wanted to be free..

    i should also mention i got transfered around like crazy they had no idea about motorcycles.
  6. According to MCCNSW the E-Tag is dangerous for motorcyclists as it will shatter on impact , and the armband moves around while riding..

    I'd talk to them Here
  7. it may have since changed but i got this a couple of months back and asked to be kept updated:

    let us know if you find anything out.
  8. came across this:


    i've emailed the 'toll road' operators and i guess i'll see what they have to say. no way i'm wearing the arm band thingies. from reading around they aren't even endorsed by the operators.
  9. Depending on your bike and what you wear there are a couple of options I use. My scoot has a big screen with a space to just rest the tag in without it falling out. I have also seen several bike with the tag mounted on a screen. They clip out of the mount so you can put it on and off when you know you're going to go through a tollway.

    I also ride in synthetic riding gear so I always have an inside top pocket to put the tag in. As I ride in an upright position, I only have to sit a bit more upright and the tag will be seen by the sensor. I suppose this could be construed as a dangerous practice in a crash though being a possible point of impact.

    Still sucks though that we have to pay though and other states don't. Not very equitable!!

  10. as far as i'm aware, the armband is not endorsed by the operators of the M7 and unlike the operators of the CCT, both realise and admit that eTags in their current form are not suitable for bikes.

    true, though keep in mind that they are not waterproof and that if the tag is damaged by water or if it falls off your bike you will be held liable (i.e. forfeit your deposit).
  11. i wish that were true.

    rang up and 'they' told me that i will have to open an 'e-pass' account where a photo is taken of the licence plate and the 70 odd cent admin fee that is normally charged each time i use it will be waivered. but alas, i will still have to pay the toll :( will it be worth it? that's open to debate...

    great ride, though :grin:
  12. I am tempted to let my L plate accidently slip up and obscure my number plate and just drive through the E lane for the the CCT and ED. I noticed another guy who had his number plate covered up by a piece of paper yesterday. Do we know of many that do that?
  13. had a similar thought but i'd imagine "they'd" catch-on if you were a frequent user and i'm sure sooner or later you'd get caught...
  14. surely the system records the photo and the etag signal together...... repeated photos and no signal may get them on the lookout for you...or ask the coppers to