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M50 wind

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by just_cruizin, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. does any one no anything about reducing the wind buffing on the m50 besides using a screen was wondering if there is another shroud that fitts on the speedo that might do the job

  2. Like you I wanted something small ... the hellcat was the smallest one I could find ...

    but you have just given me an idea ... the way it is mounted it would be easy to trim it down to the size you have mentioned ... hummmm.

  3. Check out www.giviusa.com they have a large range of screens and many bike shops will order them in for you if they don't have them in stock. otherwise do a search for bike screens and see what you come up with.

    I bought an after market givi screen from a swap meet. It is not a large one but does give protection from wind buffeting, just had to work out the angle that would cause the least buffeting of my helmet.
  4. you will get a certain amount of head buffeting with any type of windscreen , what you do need is a well engineered set of LOWERS , these bolt on either side of your front forks and deflect the air out and away from the tank area .....where the turbulent air comes from that causes head or helmet buffeting.....cheers
  5. wind screen

    great pics mike did the small screen help with the wind
    thanks for the tip cargo where would one go for these lowers you are talking about suzuki dealer?
  6. Actually I do not like the look of screens on cruisers ... even more so with the M50 power/mussel look ... but went with the hellcat due to it being the smallest I could find ...

    It works very well ... I have angled it so that the air stream hits about shoulder height ... it takes all the pressure off my chest ... and also reduces pressure on your tail bone ...

    Even before the hellcat my helmet never suffered from buffeting in clean air ... only when I was behind some cage ... to fix that you'd need a full shield :roll:

    One thing worth mentioning is that it works almost too well ... below 60kph all air through my jacket vents stops ... turns into a sauna ... not for the city ... but the two bolt quick mounts lets me take it on and off without readjusting.