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m50 rear brake lever

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by quik blat, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I hate rain!!!
    actually i don't. i hate i assume oil/ diesel and rain.
    I love pedestrians
    ok so i sent the M50 sliding down toorak road last wednesday between 2 cars and got help from 2 onlookers neither rode bikes. thanks guys.
    anyway the foot brake was bent up pipes scratched bar end nearly ripped off and the mirror rolled. so most of it is back together and it rode away.
    but despite several attempts at getting the lever in the right position it still isn't there. i'm a bit cautious to ask the cost of a replacement but that might be the end result.
    anyone had issues bending one back to shape?
    and 256 kg of cruiser wasnt to hard to pick up :grin:

  2. Had to bend mine back into shape after hitting kangaroos last year.
    Either a piece of pipe, or the longest multigrips you can find.

    Not hard to do. Metal is quite soft
    If you want to get really technical, remove it, and bend/beat it back into the correct shape.
  3. I've had to do that to the levers on a dirt bike a few times.
    Piece of pipe that fits over the peg is easiest.
    If it breaks, you haven't really lost anything by the effort, it's unusable now anyway.
  4. ive had a go with a big bastard shifter and it seemes to move it ok i'm just a bit surprised as to how much it has moved with out cracking the chrome.
    looked at removing the leaver but without cutting down an allen key or removing a pipe i dont have access to the allen bolt head :(
    if i bust it it gives me a reason to look at forward controls and new pipes now there a little scratched :grin:
  5. Hey Quik Blat, sorry to hear of your off.

    How did the handle bars shape up afterwards ... did they hit the ground ?
    Any pics ???
    I'd was thinking before I purchased about how the M50 would handle sliding down the road ... good to hear there's not too much damage.

    What caused the slide? braking or acceleration?

  6. right hand side went down
    some scuff marks on the pipe and heat shield
    nearly broke off the bar end but bent it back and was able to remove and straighten the bolt so looks ok
    brake lever has a bit of damage on the end and the mirrors lightly scratched.
    it was a pain in the ass off
    in the rain not filtering not close to cars.
    hit the anchors and skidded hit again and again.
    i think as i ran out of space and turned right to avoid hittin the car in front the front wheel folded and down i went. feet were still on the pegs
  7. Quik Blat sorry to hear about your off :(
  8. Any off you can ride away from is a good off ... if there is such a thing ... by the sounds of it your ok ... it's easy to forget on the nimble M50 that it weighs 250kgs ...

    One thing to consider about the foot brake lever is that it is one thing you don't want to fail when you need it ... for the price of a new one it maybe worth it.

  9. being that the brake leave seems to be bending quite easily i'm happy to see how it goes. having it not useable hasshown up how little the fronts do work so i might also look at replacement pads.
    not much damage most to the left leg as i clipped the gear leaver with my leg but that is why i wear gear :grin:
  10. Sorry Quik Blat .... I should have explained what I was meaning a bit better ...

    Once metal bends the first time it is easier to bend it in that spot the second time ... Thus the off would have had the energy to bend it in the first place ... then you bent it back into shape pretty easy ... the third time will be easier again ...

    It may not snap but in an emergency applying full pressure it may bend reducing brake pressure or causing ya to loose footing ... it just worried me that you said it bends easily (but you should be able to judge bearing this in mind).

    Good onya for being able to dodge the cars.

  11. thought of that :)
    once i can get it back in the right position i'll aneal it and give it a tap or two to put the molecules back in the right place