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M50 Pipes Arrived

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by just_cruizin, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. got my pipes to day from the us ordered on the 12:2:08 made good time l recken they are Cobra Classic Slash-Cut pipes and a Digtal Fuel Processor as well they look great am getting it all fitted on monday cant wait every happy with the time it took but not so happy will Australia post tracking system they could not find them until 1 hour before they arrived at my door oh well they here now
    will keep all updated as to how it all goes and what l think of the sound

  2. Hi I've got an M50 fitted with Cobra Streetrod slashdowns which I imported from the states coupled with a Cobra Fi2000, your gonna love the way it changes the feel of your bike.
    All pretty easy to fit yourself just takes a little bit of time, you will need to remove the o2 sensor from the stock exhaust and disconnect one of the wires on the cpu to stop the FI light coming on.
  3. Congrats on the new pipes excellent stuff. I am after a set as well, whats the best place in the states to get em?

    Hey 64, I assume all necessary instructions are included with the remapper

  4. Hi Snowy

    Hope this reply works, for some reason Ive had three goes at this and for some reason I cant post. ( figured it out newbs need five posts b4 posting links )

    Great site for M50 parts from the States is these guys, I can recomend there service

    Cruiser Customizing

    For instructions on how to remove the o2 sensor see here

    Link removed but you will find it at Motorcycle Journal dot com in the Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway with the thread title Dynojet O2 Sensor Eliminator

    You may not want to remove it and just secure it to your frame, I removed mine as I was concerned that the engine would run too lean with it hanging in the air.
  5. Great stuff..

    Unfortunately the tracking system isnt always fool proof.. I have had things delivered from the US and the tracking says its still in the states.. :roll:
  6. Hi just cruizin ...
    How much did you pay for the pipes and how much was shipping ? and what bike do you ride ?
    Which area of brissie are u situated ?? I know - to many ??


  7. Ok should read better next time ... u ride a SSSSuzziiiiii ! :)
    nice bike btw.

  8. Snowy & Jrool l brought my pipes from West End Motorsports.com
    they are at Brodheadsville Pennsylvania you can ring them to only cost about one dollar for ten mins with telsta if you ring at 4am it is about 1.15pm yesterday
    l paid $359.95 for the Cobra Classic Slash-cut Pipes & $202 for the FI2000R Digital Fuel Processor Shipping was $105 this is all in American Dollars
    I Ride a New Blvd M50 2008 with only 1400 klms on the clock
    & Jrool I live near you at the bottom of the mountain near Logan Village at Buccan
  9. Did anyone mention pics ?? :LOL: :LOL: :idea:
  10. pricing sounds good to me ... really good - just did the drill holes mod to my stock pipes and will fit them today (moded a second pair) and see what it sounds like !

    Buccan - that's just a stonethrow away - so we should catch up on one weekend for a ride ! (if you don't mind to ride with 2 real cruisers (VN 900 classic and my missus VN 800 classic) :LOL: :LOL: :p

  11. Just finished - sounds awesome - a nice throaty sound and a bit louder IMO - but my missus says much louder (she asked me straight away if I could do the same on her VN800). Any ideas or hints ?? I wanne make sure before I f*** something up !! :? Should be the same as my bike actually ?!
    Will go for a short ride to hear what it sounds on the road - really keen to hear it. I'll keep you posted...

  12. Sooo... did the test ride (sound check ) :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Very happy with the outcome. Sounds like a real bike now (was not to bad before - but better now !) Only one pop on decel so far.
    At 120 - 140 km/h you can't hear the sound of the pipes anymore because of the wind and the engine noise (behind a 21" windshield). But on decel there is this nice throaty rumbling sound that causes me goose bumps :grin:

    really happy with it !!

  13. JR001 ... How many holes did you do ? All 8 in one go ?

  14. JR Nearly Brought a vn900 Custom my self but am happy enough with the M50 it is a great bike would be good to catch up with you for a ride and hear what your bike sounds like now that you have done the mods monday is nearly here cant wait thats when my pipes & processor will be fitted
  15. Yupp don't muck around - all or nothing !!

    I checked the forums and went straight to 8 holes each pipe (must be the wisdom of my age :LOL: ) and I am honest - I love the sound of the cobras (idle and a little bit of throttle) but as soon as you twist the throttle it blows you away - just tooo loud for my deaf ears - but now it's ok a bit louder and a nice deep throaty rumble ( and I love the look of the stock pipes btw.)
    really easy to do ...

  16. Opposite to me - I nearly bought the C50 - really nice bike but I wanted a belt, rear disc brake, more torque and a BIGGER tank. And on the Vulcan I made a good deal IMO - really pleased with it !

    Just let me know when you are ready for a twist (priv. msg.)

  17. Hi mate Monday is long goooone !!! Where are the pics of you scoot ????
    Can't wait to Christmas !! :p :wink: