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M50 or C50? The cruiser quest continues, opinions pls

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by snowy, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. What a dilemma, I have just come across an 05 C50, not M50 for 9.5k. Apparently till under warranty, but can't see this being the case unless its some extended one, will hav to clarify this.

    Anyway heres the Deal

    Suzuki 2005 C50


    Genuine rack

    Genuine back rest

    Geniuine bags and brackets

    Genuine Windshield

    Premium Bike Cover

    Absolute unmarked showroom condition.

    Although I was leaning towards a new M50 or VN900 custom, this C50 has generated second thoughts. To add these extras to a new M50 or C50 for that matter would blow purchase price out to approx 13k...but the bike would be brand spankers.

    I know I'm a bastard continually asking for advice with this guys, sorry. Does anyone know whether the 05 model is much different or has peculiar problems compared to the latest?


  2. Prior to the C50 & M50 it was the VL800
    I owned a 03 VL and clocked up 130000k's with no dramas so the motors are reliable as long as you feed them good oil and change plugs & filters like clockwork also the motors like to rev and do it quite happily

    Can they show you the logbook
    How much warranty and can you get that in writing
    I had all the extras on mine and it did cost a fair bit more
  3. Not sure what new prices are like in WA, nor what the accessories are worth, but recently a friend was quoted $10,400 rideaway for either C50 or M50 in Melbourne.

    Personally I would get a new one for the price gap - the gap may narrow if you need to allow for registration/transfer fees on the secondhand bike.

    Just my 20 cents.
  4. The bikes are 90% identical except for the looks ,so it just comes down the what feels better and what looks better.

    I know what you saying about getting all the extras from Suzuki ,if I remember Righty the rack and back rest was around $800 and the screen around $500 ,so they add up .See suzuki OZ website for the accessories prices ,and it all depends if you want then anyways.
    You will need a screen for long hwy trips ,but I got a $200 after market one and it can be taken off in 20 seconds ,but the suzuki one is on all the time ,and harder to take on and off.

    As long as you get 3 months warranty ,that should give you an idea if its all good and their very reliable .......only problem I heard about the m50 was a wire rubbing on the frame under the plastic cover under the ignition and it was a recall ,all they do is unplug a wires and re route it behind the frame ,the Suzuki dealer will have the info on the computer and it should say if its already been fixed ,OR it didn't apply to your bike as the factory had already discovered the problem and you bike wasn't affected.
    Besides that their pretty sweet.

    Google ..m5o forums.. for heaps of info.


    Edit .. here look threw these pictures

    Some with my screen and abit of bling :p .

    And here.
  5. Am i correct the 05 model is a carby model ?? I am sure the 06 onwards is fuel injected..

    I sold my 06 C50 with just over 4k on the clock. Had spent the money on the extras.. I sold it for $10k .. I told the guy how much a new one was and he said by the time i buy everything it will be more than he wanted to spend. So i say if you like it and with all the extras its worth it.. :grin:
  6. Both the C50 and M50 were all new for 2005, that includes the fuel injection as far as I can discover.

    The factory warranty is 2 years on a new one, even if they offered that back in 2005, it'd be expired now. :(

    Besides the recall that Sleddog mentioned, the only change has been the K8 models have a fuel guage instead of simply flashing when they are nearly empty.

    I'd look at it this way, sure the extra's are bundled, saving you money, but are they extra's that you actually want and would buy if they weren't included?
    Because if the first thing you would do is to pull them off and sit them on a shelf in the shed, then it's not really a benefit to you is it?

    Things like a rack actually detract from the value to me because I don't like the look of it and there will probably be some marks/damage when I remove it.

    Personal preference Snowy, still looking forward to hearing what you choose.
  7. +1 Mountaineer ... The extras are not so great if they are not your style ...

    A couple of questions Snowy you could consider about new or second hand ... alot about bikes is the feeling and enjoyment they provide ... earned money is relative but in terms of debating over $1k or $2k ... I'd go with what feels right for you and forget about the money.
    Think of it as an investment in enjoyment rather than money :)

    How long do you plan to keep the bike ? ... short term then second hand appeals ... long term (3+ yrs) then I'd go new ...
    so your in control of it's break in and servicing.

    Do you intend to care for the bike (new appeals) or just ride it in to the ground and keep it out in the rain ... not caring about scratches etc (second hand) ?

    The M50 has tubeless (easy roadside repairs) ... no spokes ... less bling to clean ... no floor boards to scrape ... in my eye looks more power / muscle style ... the C50 is more your "classic" cruiser.

  8. Many thanks again from the wisdom , technical updates and suggestions from this wonderful community. You've all given me a fantastic insight, a perspective that we often are blinded to when shopping for bikes and cars.

    mmm... I must admit that having a day to think and consider what you have all geneously shared, I'm leaning back towards a new one.

    Will post back when I learn more about the bike in question...christ it worse than war and peace, i'm turnin into one of those old procrastinating bastards i used to complain about in my my youth :!: [/quote]
  9. I like the classic look of the c50 and its seating position is the most comfortable in the mid range cruisers that I have sat on. Will be buying one myself in July I hope.
  10. Bought a new 2008 m50

    l just brought a new m50 for 9800 with 12 months reg only done 600 kl now and love it looking for cobra pipes but
  11. Re: Bought a new 2008 m50

    Congrats on ya purchase, that a great price, I'm guessing it was a demo?

    Any accessories?

    Yeah cobra pipes look terrific don't they? I think the streed rod ones are the best. Not sure how civil they are however.

    So pipes now, then a decent seat I guess

    Yeah I hav decided to go for a newie or at leats super low kays like the one you've got, just still havent quite decided on M50 or C50. No one can really help me with this, its a just a personal choice.

    Its annoying but, this procrastinating, one day I look at the M50 and go "Yeah. thats the one" and then I look the next day and have the same feelin bout the C50...wish I could hav both haha, the inner turmoil goes on.

    Will Snowy have a breakthrough in his therapy and overcome his procrastination...its worse than war and peace, but stay tuned folks, it won't happen overnight, but it...it...
  12. Brand New

    My bike was Brand new not a demo the reviews from metric cruiser say the m50 brakes a little better but the wind hits a bit more l have not riden the c50 only went for a ride on the m50 aand loved it might change the bars to bring them forward a little more only short arms here
    seat feels pretty good but longest l have been in the seat is about 1.5 hrs so might change my mind on a longer ride
  13. Re: Bought a new 2008 m50

    That's a ripper price, best I have heard about in Melbourne is $10400 inc reg.

    Well done :)
  14. So the bars are different betwwen the C50 and M50...interesting, yeah I'd guess u cud just whack on some C50 bars, I am guessing that all the cable lengths would be the same...or maybe you can just adjust.

    Hows the power side of things? Can you sit on Freeway speeds comfortably?

    And two up, all ok?
  15. speeds good

    havent tried two up yet but l travel 45klm' each way to work to Briss city
    and sitting on a 100klm per hr up the freeway if l give it a squirt to pass a car it shoots up to 125 in a flash you should go have a demo ride on both the m50 and c50 then you will be able to see how the bikes are different
    still running in the motor only supposed to use half thorttle
  16. I went 2up yesterday, the 2 of us would have been about 190kg combined.
    The bike loved it, I wound it out to $1.50 at one point and it was very happy.
    The biggest problem at that speed was the wind which was threatening to unseat my pillion.
    Another M50 owner I know has had his bars replaced with C50 bars. The cables are still the same, but the mechanic had to reroute them underneath instead of over the top on one side because they are slightly too short (I think it's the clutch cable).
    I've ridden it and can understand why you would do it if you were a shorty, but I really hated the positioning, that's one reason I went M over C. :)
  17. so taking all other factors and differences into account, if shorty go the C50, if tally go the M50.
  18. Try em both! And the Kwaka or Typhoon will hunt us down and say mean things! ;)
  19. great bike

    top bike hey mountaineer how many klms you done l'm looking for some cobra pipes for mine
  20. I've currently done about 1200km's and I spent a lot of time comparing the various mid sized bikes so I agree it is top bike. ;)
    Dunno if I'll bother getting custom pipes. Perhaps if i decided to replace the air filter and upgrade the fuel chip for extra performance. :)