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M50 New Cobra Pipes fitted

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by just_cruizin, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. For those that don't no l will re- cap a little
    l have a new m50 blvd with now 2000 klms on the clock
    orderd some new Cobra Slash-Cut Pipes and a digital fuel processor from America on the 12th of feb the pipes were $359 the processor $202 and shipping $105 All American Dollars they arrived on the 25th of feb
    got them fitted 3 days ago by Brisbane motorCycles 3 days ago Monday the 3rd of March Bloody hell they are loud no doubt about that the city traffic hear me coming now
    it has improved performance l recken by at least 20% maybe more once you are cruzing at 100 klms up the hwy just a nice noise in your right ear mmmm ( looks like that is the one that will go deaf first lol ) am checking my first tank of fuel with the new pipes will be some where around 240klms for about 13.5- 14 liters l think am fueling up in the morning on the way to work
    l'm going to put a k&n air fillter on next and also enlarge the hole that lets the air in am hoping for even more improvement in power and mabe more economical riding
    one other thing l have noticed is that when l was getting to work or home after work which is about 36klms both ways when l pulled up the radiator fan used to come on for a bit before l turned the motor off it is not doing that maybe the outside air temperature is not as hot now there for no need for it to come on but l suspect the reason is the new pipes are allowing the motor to run a little cooler which l think is a good thing
    will keep all that are instrested updated

  2. What would it have cost you to buy the same setup locally?
  3. Excellent stuff cruizin, well bloody done mate and ta for the PM.

    The prices are excellent, thought shipping would have been more though given they are single length pipes, so that bloody great mate. Local suppliers have quoted me 1K just for the pipes plus 400 for FI and even with fitting it still only cost you half.

    Tell me what was the part number on the Cobra FI unit, I have got two different numbers 92-1826 & 92-1856. Did they plug dtraight onto the injector bodies?

    So loud huh? I have heard that, can you and the neighbours live with it or do you think you may have to baffle. I heard Big City Thunder does these u bewt baffles that actually tone things down slightly while also guaranteeing a HP increase.

    Anyway keep up the mods, I'm goin for a hypercharger for intake and cobra slashdowns for exhaust so we should be gettin similiar results. Before i fit em though, I'm gonna really document my times just to compare the difference i.e 0-60, 60-100, 1/4 mile, different gears etc etc. I think sometimes being noiser can be misleading in respect to performance. Don't get me wrong, i know that performance will be improved, its just that I'd like to know by how much

    Cheers for the write up, cruizin and I know you'll be smilin even longer now
  4. 2nd time ...
    Did anyone mentioned pics !?! :p
  5. too buy the pipes would have been $790 the fuel processor about $300
    so save about $300 trouble was could not source the pipes anywhere in Australia and only took two weeks to get here which l thought was good
  6. the fuel module is a FI2000R 92-1826
    yes l'm sure it just pugs into the injecters l didn't fit it my self had Suzuki fit it and the pipes for me for $220
    l also filled the first tank the other day after fitting the new pipes it took 11lts to where l filled it last time for 227 klm's which works out too 103klm for 5 lts and l have been gunning it heaps new toy and all lol and love the sound so if l settle down and behave should be even better might get close too 300kls out of a 15.5 liter tank if one wanted to drain it
  7. yeah mate l hear you lol just been so busy at work this week working ridiculous hrs starting at 6am and some times finshing at 8.30 pm
    pluss big hrs on saturday have got sunday off so after l cut the grass hr job and wash the bike will take a pic or two and put them in my profile
    hows the vn going run to a bloke the other day at waterford that has one he loves it blue custom invited me for a ride some time have he's no we will have to all get together for a ride cheers
    ps pics tomorrow promise
  8. Hi just_cruizin ...

    It's Wednesday (nearly) Where are the bl***y pics :LOL:

  9. may i ask who you ordered through and if any problems
    thanks jamie
  10. Cobra normally have 2 part numbers for their processors, both are the same unit, one has plugs, and the other just uses the piggyback splicing sh&t things that are hopeless.

    The ones that are plug and play are the only ones to get, and they are listed on cobras website.

    The hyperchargers will let more air in than std cleaners, but are expensive. Modifying the std cover, and adding K&N filters will give the same result for less than $100.

    One more thing, if you get decel popping, disconnect or block the pair valve.

    Note that I am not an expert, so you should verify any technical advice I give you - But I loved my M50, and it performed well after some changes.

  11. g'day jamie l brought my slash-cut corbra pipes and fi2000rdigital fuel processor through www.westendmotorsports.com they were very good and you can ring them up 15 hr time diff only took 2 weeks to get here and suzuki fitted it all for 220 the inprovement in power was unreal well worth a look
  12. thanks i think i will definitly give them a call as i got a set of cobra street rods priced and best price i could get was $990 with no processor or fitting so its a huge saving on aussie prices and to here someone who has actually purchased from states is reassuring thanks again
  13. just to recap on the cost of the pipes for you the pipes are a slash-cut cobra 3167sc $359.95 digital fuel processor f12000r $202.45
    shipping was $105 all these prices are amercan dollars than $220 Australian to have it fitted here let me know how you get on
  14. will do thanks again just waiting for them to get back to me now