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M50 Lowering Kit???

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gtt23, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Recently bought my first bike (Suzuki Boulevard M50) and have had some trouble sourcing an austalian based lowering kit for the m50.
    Suzuki emailed johnskits twice but didn't recieve a responce so it's either find one myself or let suzuki go custom.
    Also (only just) emailed metriccruisercustoms so still awaiting responce from them.
    Want to go as low as possible (am 5'6") and have read it improves handling as well as the obvious better looks.
    Any point in direction would be a great help.


  2. Hi and welcome to the forum..

    I used to own a C50..

    If you check out the ebay.com and type in m50 lowering kit, there are 3 options for you, 2" , 2.5" and 3"

    Wont find much here i am sure.. Very easy to buy ex the USA..

    Other option is go the gel seat and it lowers the sitting position by 1 inch..

    If you have any dramas shoot me an email and ill point you in the right direction..

  3. I was gunna buy the johnskits forward controls for my M50.

    Go to http://www.johnskits.com/

    Apparently delivery is quite quick for Oz.

    He doesn't have a dealer network, etc, so am curious that he didn't answer anyones email.
    I always got an answer back within 2 days. You can buy them online at his site. He gets good honesty reviews on ths US websites.
  4. thanks for the help,
    i have decied to order both kits to compare (johnskits and jj's)
    not that i'd suspect either to be sub quality but ...
    i'll let suzuki take a look and decide for me.
    (will post findings after fitting)

    ps. spare m50 3" lowering kit for sale soon in brisbane
  5. why would you want to lower the bike? i dont get it... My m50 is already that low at stock height that i gotta watch going into my driveway lol