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m50 air filter mod

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by quik blat, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. this may have been covered but searching and my computer are not friends at the moment.
    I have a suzuki m50 k8
    i tried to get a bmc or k&n air filter as an upgrade but they dont make one.
    they list for a c50 but this is a different filter.
    has anyone done a performance filter?
    can you give me a part number etc
    google is also not my friend :)

  2. treid and tried when I had the M50 -
    std filters flow well, airbox entry is the limiter - open er up!
  3. How did you open the intake and did you have to alter efi etc.?
  4. Try this american site:


    It started as a forum and information site for Suzuki Volusia (VL800) cruisers but covers all suzuki cruisers up to the current models.

    Their Modification section provides information on several air box mdifications, including complete removal and replacement with an under tank filter... (search for "howto naked jugs" )
  5. Yes, I changed the EFI setup. Was advised this was (maybe) not necessary, but didnt want to take the chance. NO real world guarantees will ever be offered, you are on your own.
    To open up the intake, I cut a strip from the stock air cleaner, about an inch wide, along the bottom of the cover. I experimented with blocking the hole on the rear face of the air cleaner plenum, didnt seem to make a difference either way.

    To change the EFI setup, since I couldnt afford a PCIII and dyno time, I added a Dobeck TFI unit, and then made a air/fuel ratio meter from jaycar, then adjusted the AF ratio until I was happy. I used a 13:1 ratio as my benchmark, as this is rich enough, and not too lean. Ultimate performance will have a leaner ratio, but I wanted the bike to last longer, harder is a relative term!
    All up, I spent about $230 to do this.

    Debaffle as well, and you have even better performance.
  6. Could you please elaborate on the afr meter? Ws it a sensor and guage? Did you mount it temporarily just to get readings, then take it off again?
  7. Was a board with a connector to the o2 sensor, and a row of leds to show afr.
    If I was doing it again, I would use something better. Results were open to interpretation, ie I wasnt sure at any time if I was doing it correct or not.
  8. I had the old Volusia (non-efi). I got a unifilter pod style filter and fitted that, completely removing the airbox. Then had it dynoed and rejected. Slight hp increase, but throttle response was better and it looked heaps better.
  9. So some sort of meter running off the o2 sensor that is providing actual values would be useful.
    I wonder how the PAIR system would distort the figures seen at the exhaust, if its job is just to dump air into the exhaust to dilute the mixture after the fact.
  10. Is the oxygen sensor on these wideband, does anyone know?
  11. On my m50, I also did the pair valve mod, ie disconnect the hose, insert a marble in the hose, then refit the hose.
    Reduces after-running and popping on throttle down.
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