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M440 South Gippland land hwy Vic. - Potholes

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Portagrug, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. LOTS and big potholes west of korumburra. Heading into korumburra. Scary stuff even in cage

  2. Damn iPhone. South gippsland not hippos land!!
  3. Re: M440 south hippos land hwy Vic.

    I thought it was a new name for Gippsland HAHAHA
  4. Re: M440 south hippos land hwy Vic.

    Hippos in the Hazardous road conditions section. I got excited for a second.
  5. Title edited, not before having a bit of a LOL :)

    "Fark me" I thought, "Korrumburra has giant earthworms AND Hippos now too?!" lol

    Portagrug, call Vicroads about the road damage. 131170 and report the hazard.
  6. Those aren't big potholes, they're Hippo mud baths
  7. I had to laugh - very funny. Hippo's land.

    I was down that way the other day and I was thinking how good that road is, given all the roads coming off it are falling apart. Doesn't surprise me though. It seems that most of the roads down this way (Gippsland) are in a shocking state or heading that way. I nearly ended up in a hole (on a blind corner) the size of a truck tyre going down to Sth Gippy a few weeks ago.

    Must remember to watch out for those Hippos though Portagrug......
  8. Thanks Rob.. what a balls up this post was.. and ive been out of range for the last couple of days.. so couldnt get onto the lappy and fix it myself..
  9. At least they are now fixing many of the potholes on the Sth Gippy around Tooradin to Lang Lang. Bet they are getting it done before the GP run, happens every year.
  10. Went down to PI over the weekend, There are still lots of massive potholes in both directions, mostly in the left hand lanes.
    Take care those heading to the GP
  11. That piece of road coming from PI, before Grantville is a disgrace.
    I think that skydiver from outerspace wouldnt jump into those pot holes...
  12. I'm leading a group ride down through South Gippy next month. Just how bad are the side roads? Bad enough to reroute somewhere else?
  13. Streetmaster led a ride a couple of weeks ago from Lang Lang Shell, down McDonalds Track to Poowong etc and on to Warragul, Noojee etc etc. Big potholes and plenty of them, but I would have thought not enough to warrant rerouting a ride. Just be a bit careful.

    From she that detests crappy roads!
  14. I've found most of the roads off the main drag are fairly bad and in many cases just getting worse. They've made a few halfhearted attempts at patchwork jobs that are already falling apart weeks after they've been 'fixed'. It seems to change from week to week.

    The annoying thing is that, in some places, there is huge portions of road missing with no warning signs. In other places, they've decided a reduction in the speed limit negates the need to fix the road.
  15. That's the way I'm going too - thanks Greydog. We'll grit our teeth (to stop the dentures flying out) and go with care.
  16. Watch out for the gravel...for some reason the council thinks the way to fix potholes is to fill them with gravel - nothing else - and let the cages drag it out all over the road.

    We were lucky this time; not a lot of gravel left, but that just made the damn holes deeper! Some of them were so bad they came in from either side of the road and nearly met in the middle.
  17. But wait it gets better, the Bass Coast Shire Council have recently resorted to putting up temporary "traffic hazard" signs each side of the crater(s) and leaving it at that for a few weeks before a halfarsed patch up job. The construction of the desal plant killed a lot of our local roads with continuous heavy truck traffic.
  18. Don't know if I'd call it recent. My very first ride down there - I commented afterwards on the number of hazard signs marking unfixed potholes. Someone in the council is getting a kickback from the hazard sign company obviously...
  19. I drove it on Sunday and there is seriously big slabs of road missing. There is heaps of potholes (seriously heaps and heaps) and if you turn off to fish creek and warratah it gets worse.

    Its hard to believe they have let it go to ruin...we were talking about it a lot cos i took a falcon with low profile tyres and hit a few hard and we felt em.
  20. Re: crapy Vic roads
    My group was planning to go from Orbost-Lakes Entrance-Bairnsdale-Sale-Morwell-Leongatha-Wonthaggi-San Remo and on to P.I.
    Any one aware of the condition of said roads.