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M4 or Parramatta Road?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mogley, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    So what do you guys in Sydney think is safer to take if i want to go out west from the city?

    For those not from Sydney, Parramatta Road is a 60 road that is 2 lanes both directions with an intersection every few minutes which can get very busy with a blacktop that leaves much to be desired.

    The M4 is a motorway that serves the same purpose albeit at 90-100km/h (more likely 100-110km/h for most cagers).

    My n00b instincts tell me that smooth paved continuous motorways are safer although my only concern is the speed and the effects of wiping out at 60km/h compared to 100km/h.

    Also keep in mind that my Learners restricts me to 80km/h which makes me a moving rear-end me sign.

  2. If you're in your Ls, stay off anything 100 kmph signed, it will not be pleasant. Too many issues are due to people going under the speed limit.

    Paramatra rd is a pain, but it's the better option imo.
  3. I'd take M4, you wont be going above 80km/h anyways in peak hours. Parramatta Rd is chaos in those hours and I see cagers shifting lanes like bunch of zebras running from a lion. It is also cramped.

    Or.. if it's gonna be a regular thing, try each and find out yourself.
  4. True, it would depend on the time, during peak the m4 is pretty full and you wouldn't get above 80 - went to the blue mountains, left at 4:30 and it was packed in the m4.
  5. Personally I'd take the M4. Parramatta Road always sucks, unless you filter like mad. I spend more time working the clutch than anything else, and lets not even discuss the condition of the road.
  6. if its peak time, stick to the M4. Parramatta rd is literally a parking lot and filtering is hard. the lanes are tight as it is.

    but, if its late night or early morning, go on parra rd. downside to it tho, there's heaps of safety cameras on there now.
  7. M4 for sure. Just be wary of people merging to get out exits. Not a huge hazard but one of the only things that will get you unstuck if you keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.