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m2r panniers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sydneycraig, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. No body tried them ?!
  2. They don't look half bad I think I saw them at amx for $129. I might take a punt on these although they look small for each side

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  3. ok, well no bad reviews i guess so im going to take a punt on them too...small probably better for my smaller bike i guess....and any 'extra' luggage should lay accross the top on them...
  4. sold out in store :(
  5. ordered these last friday and have a parcel awaiting me today at the post office...assumeing its the panniers of course..
  6. package was the panniers...just fit nicely pushed right upto the rear indicators..look good...off to the hawksbury tmr and it is forecast for rain so will give them and the rain covers a testing!
  7. So how did you go with the panniers?
    Just bought a pair myself and am pretty happy with how they look and sit on the bike especially for the price,any issues in use?
    Raincovers actually work?
    All those sorts of things that dont show up till you use something.
  8. I'd be interested in getting some dimensions on these panniers - Google isn't helping me as I'd like to put a set on as well. cheers...
  9. Mate they are 44cms wide,26cms high and expanded depth is 26cm with the expanded part about 8cms wide.
    Bear in mind these are rough dimensions with the bags empty.
    Hope this is of some help,remember they are not square.
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  10. Thanks - that helps a lot, I'll put an order in tonight
  11. havent tried the rain covers yet, but overall im happy with them...sit well on my bike as you can see..easy to remove with 2 velcro straps over the top and a clip strap below...extra straps/bungees included but didnt really need them

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  12. Dont rely on the raincovers.My left one lasted about 500k before the clear window tore out and the right one was shredded by 2000k other than that very happy with the panniers! did exactly what I wanted,and I pack everything in plastic bags any way.
  13. Yep after 1yr + and around 6000kms around Thailand with these that I brought from oz... Still good and still using them!!
  14. Rain covers only damaged as I dragged them over the gravel ...