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M2R- never again!!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by D4SPADA, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. I have just got of the phone with Bikemart who have informed me that the M2R gloves i returned have not been covered by warranty.

    2 points here:
    i returned these gloves mid feb, and haven't heard anything until i called today (yes a month and a half later) bikemart has lost a customer.

    Secondly the gloves were $130 and after 4 months of riding the palms completely shredded... i'm talking you could stick you thumb and pointer out the middle while riding. Fair enough, they had been used nearly everyday, rain or shine but my $25 backup pair have lasted over a year in the same conditions. Apparently the M2R warranty does not cover motorcycle gloves if you use them as MOTORCYCLE GLOVES! how silly of me to assume.

    To further fasten my disappointment with M2R products, i bought a pair of their boots not too long before the gloves. The lasted about 7 months before they started to fall apart... stitchings came undone, sole fell apart, the list goes on!

    That's my rant done... hope an M2R rep reads this seeing as i can't find any contact details to complain directly to them(surprise surprise)

    Be Warned,

  2. Mcleod Accesories.
    59 Raubers Road
    Northgate QLD 4013

    Postal Address:
    PO Box 416
    Northgate QLD 4013

    Email: webenquiries@made2race.com

    Ph: +61 7 3621 9000
    Fax: +61 7 3621 9052

    Bear in mind, the thinner the glove, the better the feel, but the quicker the palm will wear out. Sounds like your glove suffered from general wear & tear.

    Also bear in mind that Mcleod are responsible for the warranty not the retailer.

    How long do you expect a glove to last? :?
  3. Andrew vent your head off, I saw those gloves and they looked like they had been through a mincer.

    AU:: Head Office | Brisbane

    59 Raubers Road
    Northgate QLD 4013

    Postal Address:
    PO Box 416
    Northgate QLD 4013

    Email: webenquiries@made2race.com

    Ph: +61 7 3621 9000
    Fax: +61 7 3621 9052

    Looks like I spent to much time reading the website instead of posting the details here, lol. MV won the race.
  4. I had a pair of M2R gloves for about 2 months (used for just weekend riding) and the stitching started coming apart. I quickly replaced them with a pair of Alpinestars which after almost a year of use still look great.
    I probably should have returned the M2R's considering they cost the same price as the Alpinestars!
  5. Couldn't you claim a statutory warranty against the retailer?
  6. Yeah i could but it is MV's point that i unfortunately agree with, they are a small business and they have been told not to fulfill the warranty. my problem with them was simply the lack of contact.

    The Mcleods mob are just the distributors, are they the ones who assess the warranty stuff?

    MV, the two cloves i'm comparing in the first post are both fairly thin summer race gloves... i think it is very reasonable to think that a $130 pair of gloves last a year especially if a $25 'shitty' pair can.
  7. All fair points, if you think they should be warranty contact Mcleods & see how you go. Can't hurt to try :grin:

    Haven't seen the gloves, but personally I would be happy if I got year out of a pair at that price range, (but maybe I need to raise my standards!) four months of everyday riding, maybe...

    Sound like you haven't had very good luck with the M2R brand anyway.

    Good luck!
  8. What the hell do you people do to gloves????

    I've got a $70 no name pair of medium gloves that have been worn everyday for 17 months so far and are not due for replacement.

    How can you be hard on riding gloves??

    I fully expect 2 and a half years at least out of mine.

    Are you paying for the name??(A* etc>)
  9. If Mc leods are the importer under australian law they are the ones responsible for warranty If you import you are the manufacturer/owner.
  10. Dude read the post! :roll: He's complaining about a specific brand that has failed. His cheapy pair has lasted over a year in the same conditions!
  11. holy crap $130 for M2R gloves..

    anyway.. a mentioned, Mcleods is the distributer, they are usually pretty good.. but I don't think warranty covers what they would possibly consider "wear and tear" - dunno
  12. I have a pair of AGV summer gloves that have lasted me for 3 years. They have been worn every day unless its raining or real cold. The first year I wore them I didn't have winter gloves so they were worn at least 5 days/week all year.

    They only cost around $80 iirc. and are still perfectly fine (only the colour has started fading a little bit). I will probably see another year out of them yet.
  13. No experience with M2R goods but did have problem with Dri-Rider jacket where stitching on pocket came apart after couple of months. Only minor issue and could have been easily sewn back. McLeods replaced the jacket with a new one which was an updated model. Very happy with service from McLeods and local dealer. I guess it depends on where you buy stuff from.
  14. their top race/road gloves at the time! gonna deal directly with mcleods when i get the gloves back. Not Bikemarts fault... plus they said they will do another brand worth the same for less than half the price so they have redeemed themselves a little.
  15. WTF?... My cheap $50 RJays gloves have lasted 12 months of daily sun/rain/hail etc etc so far and I cant see any reason why they wont last another 12 months.

    Are you guys dragging knuckles along the ground whilst riding or something? :shock:
  16. $50 gloves are not the same as race style gloves.
  17. Obviously not - it appears they are a lot stronger, for starters.

    I still use a pair of DriRider $70-something gloves that I've owned for 5 years now - I don't use them exclusively or everyday, but often enough. And they were my only pair for nearly two years.
  18. you would hope that a pair of gloves designed to protect your hands whilst sliding agaisnt the road would be able to hold togethor for a lot longer than 4 months.

    think i might stay away from m2r's in the future.
  19. alright so in the end:

    got new dririder gloves from bikemart for less than half price to replace M2Rs.

    sent Mcleods an email and pictures etc and received a very polite stiff shit and goodbye.... i'm too over it to bother any further but hopefully this warns a few people when looking at spending money on m2r products. cold revenge and all that :p

  20. Stick with the established brands would be my advice. Never had any problems with Alpine Stars gloves, for instance - what are your hands worth young laddy?! (mind you, I've never paid more than $130 for a pair of gloves - can't believe M2R charge that - I think of them as a cheapo, rubbishy sort of brand - not that I'm a brand snob but reputations are generally well earned).