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M2R MR1500?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chris davey, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Wondering if anyone has any opinions on this helmet? I would go and try one on but local dealers dont have any in stock.

    I currently have a M Nitro 900V which is a tad too big and the wind noise is pretty high.

    I know it depends on the fit to my head but if anyone has any general comments on this helmet or M2R helmets in general that would be good.

    Sales guy recommended the AGV's (rossi replica) and Shoei's but I don't have that much to spend.

    Another one I was looking at was the Shark S500 as seen here http://bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lmd=39022.399676. Comments?

    Thanks and sorry for posting another helmet topic but not many stores around me to try stuff on.

  2. I have a shoei and my brother has an AGV and I would say that they aren't in the same league. The wind noise is comparable however the shoei's padding is softer and more comfortable and the helmet is lighter than the AGV. I haven't tried the M2R's so can't help you there, but you may be able to get an AGV in your price range if you get a standard colour or simple graphics. They charge a lot more for the race replica colours so that may be why that helmet was out of your price range.
  3. thanks for the input :)

    another one is the KBC TK8. Anyone have any input on this helmet?
  4. I have been told by friends and MC people that you get what you pay for in helmets, and both the KBC and M2R are quite cheap.
  5. KBC make some pretty bloody expensive helmets.

    It seems that with some people, if it isn't SHOEI it isn't good enough.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any opinions on these helmets in normal use?
  6. Shoei make great helmets, but the comfort level will depend on the shape of your head.

    I have an AGV, liked it until i tried on my wifes Arai.
    Her Arai is easily the most comfortable lid i have ever tried on, it was expensive, but damn you can see where your money is going.

    I will be getting an Arai as soon as i can afford to.
    I will never buy another AGV, nothing wrong with it, but not enough right with it either.
  7. I'm only a fairly new rider but to me spending over $500 for a helmet is getting into small improvements and refinements. :? I read that a company X-rays some of their helmets to examine for faults in construction but those helmets are over $1000. Aircraft parts are X-rayed!

    It depends on what you can afford - I wouldn't even let the sales guy show me a Shoei. There's no point in getting a $1200 (or even $600 if that's out of your range) and then dropping it off the bench at home and not replacing it because you can't afford to. Straight away in that case there's no value in it being Xrayed before you bought it and you're so attached to it's perceived value you keep it when you know you probably shouldn't. My Shark RSI is good enough for me (noisy SoB at 100kph though).
  8. Have a look at the Shark line up, especially the RSX (if you can find one!), quiet cheap and a top helmet! They are on sale at bikebiz if I'm not mistaken... :?