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M2R Leathers. Anyone got comments?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. I'm currently looking at the possibility of getting a one-piece for doing track days and, maybe, a racecraft course (should be fun on the RT :shock: ). I've noticed that, in Oz, one of the cheapest options is the M2R suit from the same stable as DriRider. I've got a DriRider Rallycross Evo jacket and I'd rate tha quality as "pretty average really" particularly considering the price.

    Has anyone got any eperience of leather gear from M2R? Should I consider trusting my skin to it? Is it cheap simply because it's locally made and so not subject to commercial import costs?
  2. at the last bikemart night, i was looking for a set of leathers (got some advice from scumbag & bangr in regards to these leather, both agree they looked of ok quality, double stiched, plenty of air vents etc and suggested that as a entry level leathers they looked ie, doing a coupole of track days a year plus just general road use.....Though as scumbag pointed out, that if you are serious about getting involved in trackdays then he suggested looking at others......so for my once or twice a year time at the track (hopefully) they will hopefully work a treat and later down the track i may invest in another set once i have some idea what i want out of my leathers :)
  3. Thanks for that Stewy. I guess I really need to hunt down a set that I can get a look at myself and make a judgement call on that basis.

    Thing is, I can mail order Joe Rocket or some of the entry level Alpinestars gear from the US for a similar price. However, if the locally made stuff is likely to perform adequately, I'd rather keep my money in Oz.

    If anyone's got any comments on M2R leather kit in general (not just the one-pieces) I'd be interested to hear.
  4. I was looking at getting one of their 2pc suits (the Sabre I think), and was really comfy and seemed very well put together. Unfortunately I couldn't buy it as they won't sell you 2 different sized jackets and pants :evil:
  5. That's a commendable sentiment, but where did you get the idea M2R is made in Australia? I'm pretty certain it isn't - if it was, it would be a lot more expensive than the imported brands, instead of being cheaper. That's the reality of our market, go figure.

    Also, DriRider gear is most definitely NOT made in Australia.

    Edit: Neither is RJays, for that matter. The companies I know for a fact manufacture their stuff locally are: Tiger Angel, Walden Miller, Mars leathers and Rossi (boots). I used to think Collins leathers were made in Australia, but it turns out they aren't...

    If anyone knows any other truly all-local manufacturers, feel free to add them to the above list!
  6. M2R jacket - some poor stitching on mine coming apart, but the leather is good grade.
  7. OK, OK, that'll teach me to think before I type. I should, perhaps, have said marketed by a local company and sold by a local dealer.

    And yes, my DriRider jacket is certainly showing the annoying quality control problems I'd expect from Chinese made gear.

    My money might end up going overseas anyway.
  8. I have an M2R jacket for 4 months now, and it's been trouble free for me! I was looking for something I could use on a sunny day and since it has 4 zipper vents and FITTED my budget, it won! :grin:
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