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M2R leather jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by NeMeSiS07, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. I was looking at leather jackets on wednesday and was suprised at how expensive they were (well i was looking at alpinestar and they were all around the 800 dollar mark)

    Then i saw a Made2Ride jacket that fit rather well and looked the goods and that was roughly 450 or something

    What does everyone think about M2R? good? worth the 450? should i keep looking?

    Thanks for ur advice guys!

  2. not worth 450

    u can get dainese jackets for as cheap as 600 and they're much much much better quality

    spend the extra 150, you'll thank yourself for it later
  3. Well i'm willing to spend the money on the right gear.. But obviously the less I spend the better..

    thanks for the advice.

    also.. is dainese better or on par or worse than alpinestars?

    like i know alpinestars costs alot but im guessing that you pay for the name as well..
  4. Mail order from the US and you can have A* for the price of M2R locally. Or pretty near, especially if you're not too fussy about colour/style.
  5. recommend any sites that are trustworthy?
  6. I crashed into a rock wall and then slid down the road whilst wearing my M2R leathers, and it barely made a mark on them.

    Four thumbs up from me :grin:
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  8. ive got a M2R jacket and gloves and i think their fine had no probs wit em and the linear keeps u pretty warm to. But personally it ur opion weather u want spend mega dollars to buy better known brandname like alpine or buy a cheaper jacket that will do the same job but with not as well known name

    my 2c
  9. I have a M2R jacket and love hte thing. Mind oyu I've only had it 3 weeks. I have the liner in it and it keeps me extremely warm, however as it gets colder, i guess I will go back to my other jacket for winter.

    It fits well and feels gets.
  10. i wear there leather suits, i can confirm it works just like any other leather suit, when you have the bike upright keep it sticky side down, stops the bugs :LOL: ....though once i have some spare cash i plan up upgrading to a better suit.

    If you are after budget gear i reckon these are a good start. Though i think my whole leather suit was only 690 or something like that :?
  11. Budget gear locally is like 800, really good gear over internet is like 800. I know which one i'd choose.
  12. I have the MR2 Blade (jacket) and the A.Star MX-1 (one piece suit). They are both pretty good, but there's obviously a difference in quality that is reflected on the price. My jacket cost me $385 from Bikebiz about a year ago. The suit a bought from a website and cost me $950 delivered! Bikebiz sells them for $2200... There's no way you can buy locally and still save money.
  13. so i guess i just have to go out and try things on and see what i like and then buy online?

    Seems like the best thing to do.

    I"ll pay for good gear if it's worth it. No point in over paying for stuff..
  14. I have an IXON leather jacket. Its great quality and a lot cheaper than the Alpinestar and Dainese range, but a little more epensive than the M2R.
  15. My son, in the not too distant past "road tested" one of the m2r leather jackets on GOR.

    My observations,

    1] poor quality thin leather and the jacket is made up of too many small pieces sewn together with too much use of other non leather cloth type materials
    2] The 'road testing" caused numerous seams to tear open revealing only single seam stitching and poor quality stitching at that. Light abrasion caused most of the seam bursting.
    3] Since then ( having had the seams repaired ) the zips have proven also to be poor quality. The jacket is still less than a year old and zips are stuffing up

    Would I buy an m2r jacket for myself ......NO

  16. so it did it's job then?

    Seriously if he walked away from it with some minor rash then the jacket did it's job...sure it may not last as long or be as well made as an *insert favourite brand name here* jacket but it performed it's intended purpose.

    I have an AGV Sport 2 piece suit that has seen the road twice now...once at just over 100k's the other at about 150-160k's it is also about 18 months old...it handled the first spill pretty well and survived with only a few grazes to the shoulder and arm area...the second time I popped a seam on the right elbow and wore a very small hole in it...other than some nice brusing and some friction burns to my knee I was fine.

    I'll get it repaired and it'll do me for another 18 months...
  17. so it did it's job then? .....Bam Bam

    Just did its job, is what I'd say.

    My own jacket, (RST), wasn't a lot dearer than sons m2r and has seen a lot more service and is still in much better nik.

    What I'm really suggesting to NeMeSiS07 is add $100 to your spend. The difference in quality will be night & day. $350-450 seems to be the cheap shit pricepoint and $500-600 where the better quality starts.

    If you know exactly what you want in brand, style & size then purchasing mail order from OS seems to be the go to get a better deal.
  18. Thanks for the input guys! I'll start to look around at different jackets around the 500-600 dollar mark and get back to you all to see what you think.