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NSW M2 War on bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by UDLOSE, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Ok so for those who don't know the M2 is a 'Bus only' bus lane.

    Last year I noticed a blitz where I got booked twice on the M2 going to work by gimps in tights on BMWs, which caused me to lose my license and I vowed never to ride to work again once I got it back. That was about 9 months ago and I've only ridden to work twice since then and it sucked majorly both times when following the road rules (ie sitting in gridlocked traffic stop start stop start for 40 mins).

    Circumstances forced me to ride to work the other day which I was dreading. So I sat there like a good little boy not breaking any rules in the stationary traffic with the bike's thermo fan permanently on. Doing the right thing and wearing all my gear, it wasn't even a hot day but due to being completely stopped the furnace underneath me made it hell, I was fantasising about ditching my jacket and squidding the rest of the way. I noticed a distinct lack of bikes on the M2. I realised that I'd been on there for 20 mins and hadn't seen a single motorbike!

    Finally i see a P plater come down the left and go cruising past in the breakdown lane. I thought stuff this!, so I pulled out and followed him at a large distance (200-300m), i figured he could be the bait. I'm not kidding, 15 secs later there's a BMW behind him with the party lights on. I dived back into my lane. When I caught up to them 2 mins later the angry man in the tight tights points at me. I point to the side and shrug me shoulders. He just points at me again with a filthy look on his face. I figured that he was just fishing for a freeby so I continued along at 0.5kph. I think the poor p plater has done his license just trying to go to work.

    I saw one other bike (a speed triple) the whole trip and on the way back I saw that same speed triple and no other bikes!

    Looks like the wowers in conjunction with the beemers have successfully cleansed the M2 of motorbikes.. All because of that stupid bus only lane which gives us a legal way to get to work. I'm looking forward on Monday to catching the hot, stinky, overcrowded, overpriced train that takes twice as long because that's sure as hell beats riding the M2 to work..

  2. I'm confused. Are you allowed to ride in the bus lane?
  3. You can ride in bus lane
    Not bus only lane which it is on the m2
  4. Problem is there is a small section just past Seven Hills that is a Bus Lane and people are still getting booked
  5. What day was it? They've been out on the M4 doing more of the same (breakdown lane).
  6. War on bikes? Hardly. More like booking people breaking the law. Stupid being booked twice and your licence mustn't have been very good before you got booked for you to lose it.
    Don't blame others for your mistakes.
  7. While sitting in traffic on a hot day: put your side stand down, get off your bike and lay down in the middle of the road. When ambos arrive claim you have heat stroke from sitting still on a hot bike for so long. Geez it would be so nice and breezy riding up that bus only lane but alas... we must obey the law, even if it is dangerous. :p
  8. I didn't blame anyone or anything, I was calling them a pack of c**ts which I stand by. What do u mean mustn't have been very good before they booked me, they don't use descression, it's a group of bikes devoted to nailing bikes in the bus lane/break down lane/splitting that's all they do.

    My point which was clearly lost on you was that they have been picking on bikes on the m2 daily for the last year or so to the point that there are no more bikes on it and the ones that I did see was getting booked. It wasn't about me. I said I choose not to ride that road at all costs because of how it is.

    I'd like to see you ride that road in peak hour every day without taking any shortcuts u armchair boy scout.
  9. I think Typhoon was suggesting that it's unlikely that you lost a clean license for these two offenses?
  10. Friend rode through the sydney harbour tunnel. Wont make that mistake again. Near gassed himself to death, and then got a fine for splitting. Apparently 'if i didnt get out of there i would have died from all the exhaust' isnt a defence.
  11. www.ridetowork.org.au

    Sign the petition, write a local member, call your local paper. Bus Only lanes are not just on M2 and more are planned.

    Get the details of the cop who booked you and get in contact with his LAC superior asking why the focus on motorcyclists. Just to take up their time.

    Questions were asked in Parliament on the last sitting day of last year, as below, based upon www.ridetowork.org.au questions. It is ongoing.


    12899 MOTORCYLES EXCLUDED FROM BUS LANES ON THE M2—Mr Ray Williams MP, Member for Hawkesbury, to ask the Minister for Roads, and Minister for Western Sydney—

    (1) Did the Minister for Roads receive correspondence from a Mr Gardener in November 2009 who
    made enquiries as to the reason why motorcycles are excluded from the bus lane on the M2?

    (2) Was a response to this letter sent in February 2010 which stated: "Road safety audits of the Bus Only
    and Taxi Lane on the M2 Motorway have shown that having motorcycles entering and leaving the
    lane would present an unacceptably high risk hazard to the motorcyclists and the buses and taxis.
    This view is shared by the bus companies and their drivers"?

    (3) Was a Freedom of Information request lodged in February 2010 requesting the road safety audits
    provided in the response?

    (4) Did the response to the Freedom of Information request (FOI Ref No. 2010fi0374) state there are no
    road safety audits that show having motorcycles entering and leaving the lane would present an
    unacceptably high risk hazard to the motorcyclists and the buses and taxis?

    (5) If so, does the response to the Freedom of Information request contradict the response provided to Mr Gardener?

    (6) Was correspondence received by the Minister in May 2010 asking, that in the absence of safety
    audits arising from the response to the Freedom of Information request, why motorcyclists are
    excluded from using the M2 bus lane?

    (7) Did the CEO of the RTA state in response to further correspondence in document M10/3253 in
    relation to the exclusion of motorcyclists from the M2 bus lane, "…feedback from the bus drivers
    using the M2 Motorway consider the ingress and egress of motorcycles into and out of their lane an
    unacceptably high risk to buses and motorcycles"?

    (8) Did the response to a Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA Act) request
    in July 2010 (application 10-11G00361) for correspondence related to Motorcycles in the M2 Bus
    Only and Taxi lane, which requested the feedback from bus drivers using the M2 Motorway state:
    "There are no documents available in the Motorway Management Branch providing any feedback
    from the bus drivers. The only advice that was received by the RTA was verbal advice through Hills
    M2 Operators, who has had discussions with bus companies and bus drivers using the M2

    (9) If the answer to Q.8 is yes, why has this decision been made on hearsay?
    Authorised by the Parliament of New South Wales
  12. Don'tRemembeePassword - I signed it ages ago. I did question him on the side of the road heavily once he started writing the ticket I figured I might aswell give him my 2c. He said the primary reason was due to complaints from motorists. He tried to argue safety (traveling in bus lane) and I laughed out loud at him. I told him it's the safest place on the road for a bike and he had no argument for it.

    Oh yeh my license wasn't clean (speeding fines 2.5 years earlier) but that bus lane fine was 3 points, thats pretty steep. Anyway that's old news I've been there been done, paid the fines and served my suspension.

    I just can't believe the level of enforcement of this, there are plenty of things they could/should be targeting but instead they focus on one thing. I guess since there's no chance of getting anyone for speeding on that road they have to cash in some other way.

    If I could legally ride that lane to work it would be a dream run to work, 20-30 mins each way.

    Brought to you from the train.
  13. On the m2 you have 3 options to skip ahead, filter/split, breakdown lane or buslane. You can be booked for all 3, but I believe the filtering option would have the lowest penalty and be easiest to argue against. It's also the most dangerous.

    This seems a bit ridiculous to me.
  14. It's a shame they don't have the balls to say "I have no idea why I'm doing this except my boss told me to".

    What kind of nong would claim it's dangerous to travel in THAT bus lane if it's ok to travel in others? I don't get it.

    The Libs say they're going to conduct a trial of bus lanes in Vic to see if they're viable, how ours are any different to yours also escapes me.

    Too funny, I lol'd my arse off. Some people just don't get motorcycles.
  15. Love ya work mate, keep it up.

  16. Tell car drivers to drive on the exact same traffic jammed road but this time tell them to be 10 times more vigilant, turn the two lanes into one for no apparent reason, turn off their radio, and to wind up the window and turn on their heater (during summer) and aircond (during winter). See how long you last.

    It’s a safety issue for motorcyclists who can more easily succumb to the conditions and be caught up in an accident. At the end of the day, these Toll operators and the government are meant to provide for a safe or as safe as can be facilities. Having a MC stuck with 2 ton vehicles on all corners is very unsafe.

    Why do busses and taxi's get their own lane?
  17. Taking a bigger picture view this sort of thing seems farcical to me, another instance of motorists taking precedence in a way that defies logic and the agendas around being green that all governments pay lip service to. Surely an increase in the number of bikes (with the corresponding decrease in cars), using less fuel, wearing the road less and ultimately being able to be parked in vast numbers in a fraction of the space of cars at their end destination can only be a good thing?

    I was (and still am) a commuter cyclist for years before I recently got a motorbike and at risk of going wildly OT see striking similarities. Take the new cycle lanes in the city, thankfully I don’t need to use king street on a daily basis, but I have on a couple of occasions, if you stick to the lights, which stop you at every intersection then your average speed is slower than walking – as cars have priority – in the city bicycles should have priority if we are serious about reducing congestion, pollution and obesity.

    Increased motorbike use for those journeys that are too far for a push bike should be actively encouraged!

    Never mind bus only lanes, there should be motorbike only lanes.

    It’s the environmentally responsible thing to do…

    That’s my somewhat biased view anyway.

    I have a car too but don’t use it to sit stationary in raising my blood pressure every day.

    So there.
  18. Your exactly right mate. My boss who cycles to work has told me about king st, it's the same thing!

    The only realistic argument I see for banning bikes from that lane is that it's a 100 zone and L/P platers who are speed restricted would be entitled to hold the busses back at as low as 80kph. That would need addressing I guess and I suspect that's the real reason.

    Honestly if I had to take the m2 I'd rather drive because it takes the same amount of time if u don't split, you pay the same amount in tolls ($50 p/w) and you get aircon. It's only parking at the other end that would be a concern.
  19. I like it - it sounds exciting