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NSW M2 Bus Lane On The Left Not The Bus Only Lane On The Right

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adamread, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    I am hoping someone might be able to clarify something for me.

    I received a ticket this week for using the bus lane on the left of the M2 going into the city after joining at Abott Road.

    I am a little confused and informed the officer I will be contesting the ticket as motorcycles are permitted to utilise bus lanes. I understand if I had been booked for using the Bus Only Lane further down the road on the right.

    I only use the Bus Lane and enter at the dashed lines and exit at them.

    I have checked the RTA webiste and it states:

    Bus lanes and bus only lanes
    Sydney’s first major bus lane was introduced in 1992 on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. More than 90 kilometres of bus lanes are now in place throughout the metropolitan area.

    Bus lanes are specially marked lanes that can only be used by buses, taxis, hire cars, emergency vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. They are located on roads which have high frequency bus services.

    Bus only lanes are a special form of bus lane restricted to buses. Examples of bus only lanes include the Liverpool to Parramatta T-way route in south western Sydney and the North-West T-way that operates between Parramatta and Rouse Hill.

    Has anyone previously contested one of these tickets?


  2. if it's DEFINITELY the bus lane, and not a bus only lane, then hell yes! contest away. you'll be fine :)

    idiots, really they are (re: bus lane rules)
  3. hey adam, there's been a few threads on the bus lanes on the m2 and petitions to have bikes allowed in them. Apparently taxis are allowed in them but not motorbikes. Although theres no signs to the contrary.
    It definately says bus lane where you were booked and not buses only, i just had a look on google maps.
  4. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/buses/buslanes.html

    The M2 Motorway - Bus Only Lane (taxis and hire cars permitted eastbound between Windsor Road and Beecroft Road)

    But where you were booked was out of this zone, and was clearly labeled bus lane not bus only lane so you should be right to fight it.
  5. Sounds like the cop made a mistake - contest it, you've got a good chance of winning
  6. Make sure to include in your appeal an arial photo from google maps showing the road clearly marked bus lane.
  7. Document with photos, dig out the legislation, write a letter to the infringement bureau. Chances are you won't have to even go to court.

    If they make you go to court, they won't even be able to establish a prima facie case.
  8. I just thought I would post an update.

    Spoke to the SRDO yesterday and despite the officer clearly marking bus lane on the ticket, when he submitted it he changed it to Bus Only Lane.

    The officer appeared to have a recording device on the bike, has anyone obtained tapes of the conversation before? Our conversation clearly goes over the fact that he pulled me in a bus lane and not a bus only lane.

    Finally what a lying scumbag!


  9. Sounds like he's looked it up, worked out he was wrong and decided to save him self the embarresment and say you were somewhere else. Then figure that you would be too lazy to take it to court.

    I'll leave it to someone more qualified to give advice.

    What a scumbag.
  10. hahaahha idiot :D

    congrats :)
  11. Well what was the lane? That should be pretty easy to establish.
  12. Its a bus lane, but what right has he got to change the details on the ticket after issuing it, wouldn't hold up in court, ring Ray Hadley lol
  13. Are you saying the cop was videoing you when he pulled you over??
  14. Standard on hwy patrol cars (at least) in NSW now
  15. I don't travel the m2 much on the bike. I cant think of where the bus lane is.
  16. Rubbish. They're allowed to withdraw a TIN and reissue them if there are any mistakes, info missing etc.
  17. Have you talked to a solicitor
  18. Should have pulled out your mobile phone and taken a few snapshots of him in the lane with you, clearly showing where you were pulled over.

    What a scumbag. Hard to respect cops when you're always hearing crap like this.
  19. Most of them get annoyed when you flip out your phone and video/record thee conversation your having. Double standards I think.