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M109R v T Bird

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ralph, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. M109R v T Bird - and the Winner is (page 4)

    Hi all (again),

    After much discussion, and now a planned trip to europe in June, the Victory Vegas Jackpot (that i think is the ducks nuts)... unfortunately is just a tad to $$$.

    So that leaves me with the M109R or the new Triumph Thunderbird.

    I am testing riding both on Saturday, but not being an expert not sure what to look for other then, it feels good to ride, good seating position/controls and I think it looks hot.

    I speak to a dealer, all i get, is these are too very different bikes... but i dont quite understand what they mean. Both bikes will have more then enough power for me, so i cant see that winning one of the other. I do like playing in the twisties, so I need it to handle well.

    Just not sure on the T Bird styling... I know I do like the suzuki beast look.

    Any one got thoughts or opinions??

  2. The M109R is not a sportsbike. And will never be one.

    But is the best fun you can have commuting and touring and just riding around.

    Mine has been my main transport for 2 1/2 yrs - and no regrets.

    A few mods to unleash some more power (channelling Tim the toolman here)
    and you will always have a smile on your dial.

    Havent ridden a T Bird, but have some doubts about something that started as a styling exercise only.

    BTW, no mech probs for me in that time either! Just rear tyres that need replacing too often!. And for some reason I keep imagining flashing blue and red lights behind me?
  3. triumph is air cooled isnt it, vs liquid
  4. Cycle Torque just report that the Thunderbird was the #1 selling bike in the cruiser division last month, and the 3rd highest selling bike overall for the same period :shock:.
  5. Ridden them both, I'd get the T Bird out of those two.
  6. Don't buy either bike. Go on your trip to Europe in June, have fun and once you get back save and then hit up the jackpot.
  7. If you want to go in straight lines get the 109.
    If you actually want to go around corners get anything else.
    They take off like a rocket…
    They corner like a bus!
  8. Which brings us to the other Triumph... :p
  9. M109R is one serious motorcycle, but I'm not sure it is going to date well. It's already getting on a bit, so an update may suddenly cost you a lot on resale.

    The Triumph is a new model and I'm not a fan of buying a new bike until it's been out for a while for quality reasons.

    However, the Triumph will probably date better and have more cred.

    Personally I wouldn't buy either as any bike over 1300cc must have something fundamentally wrong with it to need that capacity.
  10. Interesting thought!! Idé be thinking the aspect of weight ratio, couldnt be to much of a bad thing pulling nearly 300kg.. Could it?????

    I would anyhow, go and test the Bellagio while your at it...!
  11. Ahhh but if a bike is designed at a smaller capacity then it doesn't weigh over 300kg.

    Given two bikes with the same power/weight, but one being significantly lighter, the lighter one will generally be the better bike.
  12. My brother has one of those and it feels so light and nimble and filters splits better than sports/naked bikes due to the mirrors height.
  13. I only Keep hearing Good things about them.

    Thats a Fact... but where do you find a lighter bike with the same power/weight.. and has the same presence??
    A Sportster as an example will never be a Road King!!

    But Im just interested why you would think
    when its styling is basically just a Big Heavy Bike that needs the big capacity to move it... Right?
  14. :-({|=

    Yeah I'm really feeling for you Ralph, not only do you have to contend with a European holiday, but also "have" to choose between these 2 bikes! I'm holding back some tears for you here mate!

    But seriously, pls write up your thoughts after the test rides as its an interesting comparison.

    Met a fella over at BGW Narellan on Sat, there with his M109R, proud as punch with it. Works as a postie (on a bike) during the week. I couldn't get over what a contrast that would be from a postie bike to that beast and back again every week!
  15. Now that is a pretty option (Definitely looks more rideable than a 109) But being a Guzzi I can’t see it being the cost effective solution.
  16. The Bellagios go for about $20K new and $16-18 2nd hand.
  17. The problem with this line of thinking is that it can go on forever.

    You'd need a 4 litre bike to move a 800kg bike . . .right?

    For me, and it is just my personal feeling on this, that after 1300cc you are just chasing your tail and building a bike that is progressively poorer.
  18. Ibast as much as I agree with you in principle. You are missing a few factors.
    For straight out performance you don’t need more than about 1000cc no arguments. But if you want to travel vast distances with huge service intervals, you don’t want a 600cc sports monster tuned to within an inch of its life, but a slow turn engine that chugs along.
    Excluding engineer talk and lots of decimal places, a 1200cc engine revving at 5krpm will be putting out much the same power as a 600cc revving at 10krpm. But the 1200 will last longer before it burns things out.
    So if you want something that gets lots of low end torque, and chugs along for ever a big monster engine is for you.
    If you want the best handling crotch rocket, then your passions will lie elseware.
  19. Yep agree with all that. Just saying I personally have an upper limit to the principle.
  20. Haha... Let's not get carried away here Ibast!

    Out right price is about the same - thereafter, yes Idé be guessing more, but how can you pass up a 90degree V Twin!