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M109 test drive

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Just walked in to PS Ringwood, and after a chat, was offered a test ride straight away.
    Yep, it did help that I brought my bike, have bought bikes from them before, and am an aquaintance of Steve Chiodo, But the staff didn't know that when they started helping me.

    I picked today because
    1. The weather was fantastic.
    2. I had a day off.
    3. because I really want one!.

    Had the M50 for 7 months, 11000 kms so far. Is a great all rounder bike, and was a very good choice last year.

    I love power, more is better, tim the toolman is my hero RR RRR.

    So I went down to PS Ringwood, and they lent me a M109 for an hour. It was a used bike, with 10,000 km on it, so nice and free.
    The salesperson came with me, leading the way thru the warrandyte hills.
    You couldn't ask for a better test ride circuit, little bit of traffic, lots of hills, sweepers, and tight 30kmh corners as well.
    Unfortunately for my wallet and heart, it was sooo easy to ride, cornered quite ok (my main concern) and almost has enough power.

    So, what do I do now?
    Keep saving, or jump straight away and just buy it?
    Heart says yes. Head says current bike is more than adequate, and new seasons bikes come out in Sept/Oct.

    Anyone who likes cruisers with attitude should do themselves a favour and score a ride on one of these, they are just that good. The weird headlight fairing does an excellent job, no buffeting at 120kmh (the test ride was over 70kmh roads!), the brakes are a huge improvement over the M50, and everything was where I thought it would be.
    The speedo is easy to read, but 60kmh is very low down on the scale!.
    LCD Tacho was easy to read in the changing sun/shade of the trees.
    I had an invitation to open it up a bit, and the peg scraping was enjoyable rather than frightening. Only ran wide once, but I was doing 70kmh around the inside lane of a 30kmh corner, so happy with how I coped. Gears are spaced ok, never felt like I was in the wrong gear. Bike is well balanced, and easy to ride straight ahead at 5kmh in traffic. Didn't filter in the traffic, discretion and all that. Clutch action very smooth, only criticism is that the change into 2nd never felt the normalSuzuki smooth change, almost needed a pause in the shifting to ensure it was clean.
    Major change from the M50 was that on the M50, if you open the throttle around a corner,. you go faster. On the 109, the back steps out, and the tyre lights up!.
    The ride home was almost disapointing. My lowly 800 didn't feel that big anymore, or powerful. The sound almost anerexic compared with the booming 109.
    Only minus I found was the dual key operation to unlock steering, and then fire up bike. Not much to quibble on really, they are for riding, not parking.
    How will I cope until I can get one? Wonder what they would be like commuting? Lane splitting and filtering would be a whole new ballgame!

    I am off to see the minister for Adult recreation and see if grovelling can rustle up a yes!
  2. Good stuff mate.. Hope the sucking up goes well.. :LOL:
  3. Go, on, Peter, buy it and run it in on the first day of the trip north :LOL:.
  4. 10,000km on it, how much cheaper than new? :grin:
  5. The used one with 10,000km on it is priced at 16990 plus o/roads.
    My guess is that they would haggle if anyone was interested.
    Nice bike, has aftermarket air cleaners, heated grips, and has been debadged.
    Myself - new will do nicely for only 2k more.

    LOL on the commute this morning I was trying to imagine what it would be like if the bike was as wide as the 109. It seemed about 8-9 inches wider.
    Will have to hit the spec sheets and compare for a reality check.

    On the M50, I barely have enough room to filter along Ferntree gully rd in the morning, stopping occasionally to lean the bike around mirrors.
  6. Saw a M105 down at motorcycle weaponary today.

    Geez, I don't know how i would ride it being vertically challenged and all that!!

    I would look more ridiculous than Gary Coleman riding Phar Lap :LOL: :LOL:

    A LOT of bike there!!!!
  7. checked the specs - the 109 is only 15 mm wider than my M50!.
    Bugger - there goes that argument.!.

    Now - I do need to change the rear tyre on my bike - wonder if the wife would spot the difference if I replaced the tyre witn a whole new bike?
  8. Pete, do you need me to come over and help you explain that you really need a new bike as your rear tyre is worn.. :LOL:
  9. I am guessing that this would not help - but it would be fun!.

    And if we set the standard - there are lots of new bikes out there for us both!
  10. That is more than what I just paid for a brand new one...

    I got my 109 and paid $18K including on road...

    Maybe look for another dealer....
  11. And at 16990 plus onroads
    That is probably why I didn''t buy it!.

    Have decided to wait until 08 models come out.

    When I bought the M50, I managed to get a V Good deal because of model changes, so may take that tack again.

    Unfortunately for me, the investment properties are doing well, so we are looking for a couple more, and that may delay the bigger bike as well.
    Money spent on them is far better than on a bike!.
  12. Yeah...but how do you ride a rental property? :wink: Remember, life is for living! :grin:
  13. I have a M50 at the moment ( 9 mths old, 12000 kms) so am not without a bike.

    Allways good to have a strategy to pay for toys!
  14. Hi Pete, I just bought an M50 from PS Ringwood today and have noticed that the M109 has been sitting there for awhile. Think its destiny that its meant to be yours. That bike makes you just wanna put extra lights in your garage with 4 CCTVs hooked up at every corner to your plasma at home.
  15. Did Kirby sell it to ya?

    And what color did you get?

    Now, if you decide to put aftermarket pipes on, I will buy them off you -
    I have debaffled mine and wouldn't mind having the stds when I sell it!.

    PM me - we can blow away all the others on a sunday ride.
  16. Hi Pete, Sean sold me the bike. I am still torn between debaffling or Aftermarket pipes. Do you live close to Ringwood? You can PM me if you prefer. I am Dying to ride this Sunday.
  17. i'd be asking approx $ 15990 ride away or less on a M109R with 10,000km on it ..