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M109 Review Wanted from owners

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Stugtr, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. HI all

    im after an opinion from Suzuki M109 owners about there experience thus far about their bike in general and in terms of any mechanical problems etc .... with there bike. As i have read on other web sites
    (mainly in the USA) that people are complaining about clutch problems and poor 1-2 up and down shifting.

    As im looking at buying 1 but im keen to hear from owners .... rather than just what the sales people at the dealership have to say.

    all comments welcome.
  2. Hi Stugtr,

    Welcome to this forum. Please visit the welcome lounge and introduce yourself.
    I’ve had my 9 (M109R) since June 07 new and cannot stop riding it. I’ve had a Harley Softail before this one but was the biggest mistake ever.

    This bike has some quirks, as most bikes have but overall it’s a monster powerhouse and you will have lots of fun with it.... and above all is reliable.
    For the clutch you need a few washers and it's rectified, shifting is no problem. Mine feels like a GSXR, clik, clik, clik up or down. The mech servicing this beast is the key to a smooth running...proper servicing, proper oils and frequency.
    There is a bunch of us, about 15-20 owners that meet on weekends for a ride…
    check this site http://www.m109riders.com/forum/index.php/board,30.0.html this is the Aussie board.
    Look, this weekend the 9th Feb there will be between 20 to 25 9ers @ RC Motorcycle Tuning, Unit 4/8 Cunningham Street, Moorebank – Tel 96029844 for a dyno shoot out and a barbie.
    These guys specialise in 9s, turbos, NOS, custom pipes or whatever you want for any bike. They used to work for a well known stealer and have all the experience needed.
    You are welcome to attend and talk to the mechanics @ RC, Rob, Carl and Al or the rest of us and you’ll have a better idea about this bike and why so many are going for the 9………

    Only 8 in this one
  3. Had mine for 3 months, and 6000 klms.
    Use it for commuting, and as my ONLY transport. The daily commute becomes like a video game! Filtering becomes easy, as it is so stable.
    Bit interesting in traffic when it rains!. watch them white lines with that fat rear tyre!

    Is it reliable - mine has not missed a beat. Same for most of the nines I correspond with.
    Is it good - F Yeah!
    Does the power feel good - F yeah!
    Do you win every traffic light GP when you have one? - F Yeah!.
    (ok, litre sports bikes give you a run for the money, but if you catch them unawares - they eat your dust!.

    No probs up/down the spurs or through the dandenong ranges - where I live. Cornering is fine.
    Sounds great, looks great, and I have heard (ahem) that you can release about another 30 kw quite easily), as if 90+Kw wasnt enough! Rolling burnouts are second nature, even when you are not trying.
    Gearbox quirk is overcome by preloading the shifter.
    Oil check is only real PITA, but once a week is enough to protect you.
    Would I buy one again - F YEAH! more fun than day release at a convent school!

    Will my licence last that long? Doubt it - Often find myself looking down at the speedo, and doing twice what I thought I was!

    Just buy it!
  4. Hey John, do you ever get confused about which bike is yours when they're all parked like that? :LOL:
  5. I must admit, the K8 model in candy orange red looks very tempting!
  6. Thanx

    Thanx guys .... ill try and make to the "dyno shoot out " this weekend
  7. I was there at the pub that day ,when they rolled in and geez it looked good all the same bikes .
    But to tell you the truth ,I was realy disapointed with the blue in real life ,looks great in the pictures.... but the black just looks mean. :mad: :cool: .
    Next time I see the 109 club ,I'll be sure to ask if your there this time.

    I have never riden a 109 ,but chased one for 3 days and they fly and can get into it in the twistys . :cool:
  8. + 1 Peter

    Nuh.... I usually whistle and she responds with a roarrrrrrrrrr………. :twisted:

    Looking forward to see you there Stugtr… I’ll be the one behind the barbie…. :LOL:

    Please do so Sleddog, I’ll look forward to it.
    There is a guy called Chris, ex racer… this mad bastard (good way) goes around corners in supermotard/speedway style, boot off the peg and power-sliding on the tarmac, sideways and rear tyre spinning/smoking (rear Metz 260 doesn’t last long‼), sparks flying everywhere from the pegs and just disappears around the corner………… :cool:

    check Chris’s boot, he's starting to attack the corner and about to powerslide

    check the peg against a standard one….
  9. Damn.....that's, umm, expensive! I can't imagine those tyres would be cheap...
  10. we get them from RC - Moorebank for $375 fitted....... not bad
  11. I'd like to see this Chris guy in action, that's just scary.