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M1 300 Club

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Highway hoons on Queensland's M1 race at triple the speed limit

    "A few of them are bikes, which is a little annoying as a car owner because it's much easier to get a bike to do 300km/h than a car"



  2. This reminds me of the early days of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel !
    When there was the 200Club before cameras were installed !

    LOL, I think the HSV Walky was the weapon of choice back then !
  3. When helicopters wouldn't have helped the bacon-brigade either.
  4. This report really IS a crock, though. My brother and I were up on the Gold Coast for the Indy Car race not long after this amazing road was opened,. and ANYTIME, not just 2:00am, if you weren't doing 120 at least in the fast lane, you would get buzzed by 4 or 5 Subaru WRXs or the like, doing at least 160.....
  5. *checks diary for a few day's break in Queensland*
  6. They make a good point if no one is around they're making it safer, let the boys play :cool: .

    Loved the comment on the bikes :grin:

    The aerial sign... :?
    I dont think a sign will make that much difference, i'd dare say if they saw an actual chopper blinking above them they'd slow down quick smart
  7. hahha, love the bike comment :)
  8. He's just sore that he gets beaten by a vehicle costing 1/10th of what his did :LOL: .
  9. I don't think a helicopter is a cost effective way of catching them.

    LOL, someone's a little upset about bikes being allowed into the club.