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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phil Ashford, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    I have my M.O.S.T on 21st I been riding for 6 months and am feeling a lot more confident then when I started. I have practiced the U turn and turns, Is they anyone out there that has some tips for me on the day.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Have u checked out the local Saturday practice for your area, many people have benefitted greatly from the Saturday pracitces
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  3. Headchecks. Don't forget them.
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  4. Hi,not much advice sorry, but I'm about to go for the most on the 20th dec,been riding for 5 months, iv gone to the homebush learner sessions a few times held on Saturdays at 1pm, helps ALOT! With all aspects of the test, not only the u turns and turns,but the cones weaves,emergency stops etc.they give great advice, and are really friendly and helpful. Anyway if you've already been out there then sorry for the ramble!
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  5. Hi kimi not been able to get out there due to work, is it all marked out and could I go after work one night a practice on myself?
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  6. Funny you should say that because i wont be getting there before my test :(so i plan on heading there after work in the next 2 weeks to practise, mostly u turn for me! I only have a 70% success rate! So i need to nail it!
    So yes its mostly marked out but things like cone weave and tennis ball swerve are not.
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  7. That's good as as I think my weakness is the U turn so might pop after work this week once or twice, good luck for your test (what bike you doing it on )
  8. Welcome and good luck Phil AshfordPhil Ashford
    Having done mine (cough) over twelve months ago now, I can suggest a couple of things
    • Stay well hydrated much better to need go have a wee than to be so dry you start to feel off
    • Take a wet handwasher that you have left in a ziplock bag in the fridge overnight. Nice to wipe your sweaty bits off with during any breaks
    • Don't kid yourself how hot it may be...I did mine on a 40oC day at Clyde in Nov 2014 and it sucked big time as I had a black jacket on and I never do hot well.
    • As FractalzFractalz said headcheck like a Luna Park amusement game clown on meth, going from side to side everytime -the instructors really will come down on you like a ton of bricks and deduct points. No second chance on those (I know from experience :( )
    • Don't be late for the start. It pisses them well off and good chance you won't be allowed to so the test.
    • If you are using your own bike make sure everything is schmicko including tyre pressures they really do check them out.
    • Don't get the shits with any idiots in your group and overtake them when out on the road ride :whistle: suck it up is the safest bet
    • Listen to everything the instructor says...if it sounds like swahili...get them to repeat it. I seemed to develop some weird auditory thing and had the instuctor repeat things constantly. I realised later I was just nervous and was trying to slow the old brain down a bit
    • Relax
    • Relax
    • Stay cool
    • Relax
    You'll be fine. You can do this. You have been out there for six months.
    If I could do it, anyone can :)
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  9. Im doing it on a honda cbr 125r, which is my 1st bike,I've only had the R3 for a few weeks so it makes sense!
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  10. If you do happen to not pass then listen to the instructor and practice what is suggested. It's not real biggie ... it's better to be competent than not when out on the road.

    For those struggling with the uturn try some counterbalancing (bike in body out).
    Find a carpark and set out some markers or use the carpark marked bays.
    Toss that jigger around a bit.
    Dominate your ride ;-)
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  11. Kimi I had mine ninja 300 and decided to hire the 125.
    Not sure how much you have ridden but don't freak yourself out like I did when I first hopped on it. I felt like I was sitting on a broom it felt soooo light compared to my ninj.
    Then when we had to start it up, I stalled the frickin thing. The instructor then said anyone who stalls or drops their bike is an automatic fail.
    Okey doke, this was looking just grrrrreat.
    I actually started to panic and tear up thinking oh No I am gonna fail, as I felt like everything was in the wrong spot...gears, brakes...me! I was sweating like an old pig as well.
    But after the road ride felt so much better and much more confident. Blitzed the u turn but lost points for forgetting head checks, knocking a cone which teased me by teetering like the black ball on the cush before going into the pocket...off the white,
    and lost points on the braking (I could stop the ninj beautifully but this fcker not on ya nelly).
    I lost 8 points and 9 was a fail.
    But it wouldn't have been the end of my world if I hadn't of passed.
    The group near us had one person sent home as considered dangerous :woot: and three failed out of 6.
    Our group we all passed. Yay team.
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  12. Just remember the MOST is only a stage of the learning ... there are bigger tests out there.
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  13. Hey Phil,
    something that I was not aware of despite attending practices at Homebush and watching U-tube vids on MOST days, was the requirement to be able to perform figure 8's WITH other riders at about 15 - 20 km/hr and intersecting with them as you pass the centre of the 8... and without touching the clutch or front brakes at all.
    "Hands off the levers" was yelled at me a few times that morning.
    Figure 8's were something I had not practiced and I thought I was failing for sure before I even got into the MOST components.
    My test was at Botany, good, friendly but very strict instructor.
    Also, having avoided rainy day riding for a year, it poured down with rain on my MOST day - all morning, but having paid the fee in advance, I had to suck it up, and hey, the bike did not melt in the rain, nor did I...
    Good luck, take care.
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  14. watch some videos so you know what to expect.

    also, if you need to put your foot down during U turn, do it properly.
    ie, foot down, stop, then start going again and pull foot up.
    you get points for each foot down, not for how long, so if you hop = lots of points :p

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  15. #15 Hillsy, Dec 8, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
    Uturn: Counter balance as FractalzFractalz said. ie if turning right, bike leans right you lean left, slip the clutch, find friction point, control speed with the rear brake, keep the throttle fairly steady.

    Two car spaces is about the right size.

    Really Important: Relax your arms and shoulders, death grips won't work, grip with your legs not hands.

    You don't have to go deep into the box, just have the top of your ark go in it's easier and if you go slightly wide at the end of your turn your already out of the box.

    During the test it's likely your performance level will drop significantly so practice until your comfortable.
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  16. I did my MOST (cough) just over 12 months ago too.

    I thought it good advice that someone said when the testing officer says "start" it means HEADCHECK.. Not "go", HEADCHECK. Got it? :)

    Did you know the practice course is more difficult than the test course? If you can manage the practice you will breeze through the test as long as you remember to breath.

    Most people pass, it is not that hard. The instructor is there to help and will point out any mistakes you are making during practice.

    Good luck!
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  17. Good luck with your test. I failed the first time (way way too nervous), but got it the second. Advice? Don't be nervous and headcheck headcheck headcheck.....oh, and headcheck :)
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  18. Yes did my most last week without losing a point I just practiced heaps and then on the day really listen to the teacher and his/ instructions. Oh and everyone says do your head checks! On the course each component has a white T at the start, I told myself every time I see a white T do head check even in practice sessions good luck
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  19. Don't stress about the U-turn, always do a headcheck before you release the cluch (you won't lose points for too many). As long as you do the headchecks and don't knock over any cones your home free, even if you fail the U-turn.

    Highly reccomend going to the learner sessions, whilst you have been riding for some time and have some road skills, it's all about the low speed stuff!

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  20. Hi Guys, I passed the MOST yesterday at ST Ives (great facility), Kimi you are going to find it easy on your cb125, especially after practising on your R3. I was in the same boat with my Ninja 300 so decided to hire the cb bike for the day to compensate for my expected over the top nervous reaction whenever I hear the word 'test'. It made the test a piece of cake except for emergency stop due to slower braking performance (or my lack of experience). I pretty much had the same experience as Old Maid (y)

    Whenever I went to Homebush for practise during the week I took disposable coffee cups and lids, I placed the cups upside down in place of cones and put the lids in place of the tennis balls, worked great.
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