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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tiggers, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Booked my most for sunday 5th december out at HART St. Ives. Got the u-turn down pat 99% of the time....need to do some more work on the cones:)

  2. U been to homebush?
  3. Come pay OzYoda a visit at the syd learners sessions. He'll sort you out.

    Pro tip though, just don't look at the cones at all. Take the first one as wide as possible and then use your peripheral vision to do the rest. Its not as intimidating as it seems.

  4. Not yet Goz, but its on the list.
  5. Goz, I cant do Saturdays (family committments).

    Is this place normally open and easily accessable to the public or do you guys book the venue? Also is the course marked up? If its accessable and marked up then I think ill visit it one day and just ride around, probably on a Sunday or even during the weeknights.
  6. yup place is always open...(if you have a bike to slip through the bollards) and when i was there (on rainy-day saturday) the course was still marked out on the ground, however you might need to come down a least one saturday to learn how to use it (the course)
  7. Yep open 24 hours, all marked out with tape, youll also find bottles on the side to use as cones

  8. while we're on the subject of the MOST, anyone know where all the info is regarding the test? E.g. cone spacing, U-turn diameter etc. I think ive seen it somewhere, but dont remember.

  9. The RTA has a PDF showing the information you requested - click here

    In addition (if needed), Wheel Skills has the layout and videos of each stage of the MOST - click here
  10. thankyou very much :)
  11. Guys, come on down to Homebush sometime .. as mav says at least we can show you the course so you can then practice anytime.

    We can do a sunday too ifn ya want .. just post a request in the Ls thread for us.
  12. IM DEFINATELY IN FOR SUNDAYS. Sorry for shouting, im just happy if Sundays can be done.
  13. suppose we could do both days this week, good weather for it
  14. I actually forgot that Sunday is the Manny Pacquiao fight, I might be drunk all day that day. Any other week would be good :).

  15. not at all, you guys are just to soft :D its called training them from day 1 with perfection, happy wife happy life and my mrs is happy for me to go riding while she does her own thing
  16. Looking at the weather forecast for this weekend, my MOST will be MOSTly wet :)
  17. Good luck and hope you ace it.
  18. Thanks Azn,
  19. iam glad i did my licence in Qld and not NSW lol

    "instant fail if you drop the bike or stall the engine"

    here if you do either you get an other go... not that i did either, no i lie... i stalled the little yammy 225 the first time i went to take off.