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M/C Parking in Bega

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mr Flibble, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. For 3 years, motorcyclists in the Bega Valley - which is situated in the SE corner of NSW, and is the commercial centre for the popular Sapphire Coast region, including Merimbula, Eden and Tathra – have been trying to persuade their local Shire Council to create dedicated motorcycle parking in the main street of Bega.

    According to 1997 RTA statistics 5.6% of passenger vehicle registrations in the Bega Valley were motorcycles and 12.4% of new passenger vehicle registrations in the Bega Valley in 2007 were motorcycles. Thousands more motorcycles pass through this popular area either for day trips, on holidays, or on their way to and from Phillip Island.

    Success seemed to be in sight when last October the mayor invited motorcycle representatives to meet with him and senior officials. It was agreed that motorcycle parking is a good idea and

    • Can utilize spaces that are not suitable for other vehicles
      Can utilize spaces that are otherwise not utilized
      Frees up conventional parking spaces for use by other vehicles
      Encourages a mode of transport that uses less resources
      Encourages passing motorcycle tourists to stop and patronize local cafes etc

    The mayor asked the motorcyclist representatives to put their suggestions in writing, and in subsequent meetings with council officials detailed plans were drawn up for 9 spaces to be created in the main street, without reducing the number of car parking spaces.

    To the amazement of those involved the Council’s Traffic Committee has now decided that there isn't a need or demand to justify motorcycle parking.

    Your help is needed to demonstrate that there is a need and a demand.

    If you live in or holiday in the Bega region, or if you are one of the thousands who pass through the town on your way to or from the MotoGP or Superbikes at Phillip Island, please send an email to


    with a copy to


    and tell them politely that it is time Bega joined the 21st century as other Councils are doing all over the country. Please also pass this request on to other motorcyclists and motorcycle forums.

    Something along these lines might be appropriate, or better still use your own words:

    Dear Cr Allen (Shire Mayor) and Mr Tegart (General Manager)

    As a regular visitor to Bega on my motorcycle I think it is time dedicated motorcycle parking was provided in the main street. Councils all over the country are creating dedicated motorcycle parking and I am surprised and disappointed that Bega Council’s Traffic Committee has decided that there is no need or demand. Motorcycle usage in the Bega Valley Shire is very high, with a high percentage of registered motorcycles and thousands more visiting or passing through.

    Motorcycle parking can be created in spaces that are not suitable for other vehicles, frees up conventional parking spaces for use by other vehicles, encourages a mode of transport that uses less resources and encourages passing motorcycle tourists to stop and patronize local cafes etc.

    I urge the Council to provide dedicated motorcycle parking as soon as possible.

    Yours sincerely

  2. Do what they did in Melbourne (I think it was). Show them what its like when every motorcycle in Bega and the surrounding town utilises the car spots, one bike per car.
  3. That has been suggested at more than one meeting.

    I'm not convinced that sort of action would endear motorcyclists to other road users. The 'fight' is with council, not car drivers after all...
  4. I am all for your cause, but you have NO chance.
    Mark my words, it will NOT happen.
  5. yeh, but what other way is there of showing the council that it is needed other than parking in spots designated for cars? If they dont see bikes taking up a lot of parking they say there is no need or demand. It's not until well after car drivers start complaining about the lack of space because of motorbikes that the council will think about taking notice.
  6. The same cause should be started for Batemans Bay too (I'm sure joel will agree). The parking in that town is not only scarce, but the little they have has parking meters. It's a coastal village living on tourism FFS. These days if I go there, I park out on the highway. As far as using up all the parking spaces, you'd only do that around the council offices.
  7. Batemans Bay just removed another 50 odd parking spots, right out the front of Bridge plaza :roll:

    On a positive note, we do have motorcycle parking both on the main street, and at Stocklands.
  8. It's amazing how dumb councils can be, can't they look around and see how motorcycle spots help all road users in freeing up parking, Bowral just up the road for example, made a parking space either side of the road in the main street near the pedestrian crossings motorcycle only, not only has it improved visibility of the pedestrian crossing for traffic, but just those 2 spots if 4 or so motorbikes at a time use them has saved another 6 parking spaces, i say 6 because i wouldn't park in a car spot 2 or so bikes at a time due to worries of parking ranger fines