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Lyrics Thread Game

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kraven, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Guess the bands and the song....
    ...And YES it's 12:30, i can't sleep and i am bored!:p

    Clue: They are all classic 80's rock/hair bands

    I wet my lips I thought I had it made
    Like Valentino with a hand grenade
    I made my move with my libido on
    She circled once and then she dropped the bomb

    In the shadow of night
    I see the full moon rise
    Telling me what's in store
    My heart start aching
    My body start a shaking
    An' I can't take no more

    What's got you so jumpy?
    Why can't you sit still, yeah?
    Like gasoline you wanna pump me
    And leave me when you get your fill, yeah

    ...Correct Guess posts a new set of lyrics
  2. Want to do an easy version for people like me who were still learning to walk when you were rocking out to these songs? :LOL:
  3. I'm the same age as you are :LOL:
  4. 1. skid row - big guns
    2. whitesnake - still of the night
    3.poison - unskinny bop

    easy peasy japanesy - come on you can do better than that!!!
  5. Fine then you post some up :p
  6. ok here we go - and no it hasn't taken me this long 2 think of any - been away 4 work and didn't have internet access.

    1. I don't really care about your sister
    forget the little biatch 'cause I already kissed her
    One thing that I did to your lady
    put her on the bed and she didn't say maybe

    2. Her hair reminds me
    of a warm safe place
    Where as a child I'd hide
    And pray for the thunder
    And the rain
    To quietly pass me by

    3. Sometimes I wanna give up
    I wanna give in, I wanna quit the fight
    And then I see you, baby
    And everything's alright, everything's alright
  7. 3> When I See You Smile - Bad English
  8. 2. Sweet child of mine - Guns n Roses.

    Unsure of the other ones though, im more into 60's and 70's music. Yes i know its wierd for my age.
  9. 1. Everything About You, Ugly Kid Joe.
  10. Is #1 I hate everything about you??
  11. 7. Maybe Judas was the better man and Mary made a virgin just to save face
    I too am so ashamed on bended knees
    Prayin' to my pretty white Jesus
    <extra points for correct spelling of artist's name :)>

    8. The earth is crumbling, the end is near
    no one's listening, I'm filled with fear
    hear the warning, in the prophet's word
    day by day, we're destroying this world :LOL:

    9. At a high school dance -
    Me and the *****z bailed in
    I saw her sittin' with a friend of a friend
    So sexy, thought she was all that
    She would'nt even look it up because we wore the black hat
  12. 7. The way - Me'Shell Ndegeocello

    (How could you not know that one?? ) :wink: :LOL:
  13. no more water
    no more blue skies
    no one cares, no one tries
    to save what we once had
    world at war (a world at war)
  14. Well done Kami! Bonus points and all (although I think there's an accent missing over one of the O's?) - that's one of my favourite records, what a killer disc.

    As for you Flip, I'd never pick you for a Malmsteen fan!
  15. no answer to any of the above but a few to add on:

    10. Will you stay in our Lovers' Story
    If you stay, you won't be sorry
    'Cause we believe in you
    Soon you'll grow so take a chance
    on a couple of kooks
    Hung up on romancing

    11. It's time that we all joined hands
    living together as sisters and brothers
    learn to love one another
    to survive in this life togehter
    let's get right down to action
    where we all can gain some satisfaction
    that's the way i wanna live my life
    joining hands as we sing together

    12. She was lying on her back- with her lips parted
    Squealing like a stuffed pig -
    I was going through the motions -
    Faking the emotions
    & wriggling around like a lizard in a tin....
  16. lol I have to know what song this is :LOL:
  17. You'd be surprised what I have in my vinyl and CD collection ;)
  18. 1. is the Motorcycle Song, by Arlo Guthrie, off his Alice's Restaurant album
    2. no idea
  19. And he sideswiped 19 neat-parked cars
    Clipped of 13 telegraph poles
    Hit 2 houses, bruised 8 trees,
    And Blue-Crossed 7 people
    It was then he lost his head,
    not to mention an arm or 2
    before he stopped.....