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Lyrics quiz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Ok, without the help of wikipedia, google, yahoo et etc, or the web in general....

    who can tell me the name of the song that has the following prase, and the band that sang it..........

    His brain is squirming like a toad

    Be honest people, no cheating [-X

    I was listening to it today, did a bit of research... interesting stuff.
  2. Had no idea... Think im a little young to know the lyrics of that artist :p
  3. <Puts hand up> :)

  4. Oooo but they're famous, EVERYONE knows these guys

    ok a hint, it was an early 70's song (I was 11 :shock: )

  5. it's the doors... it's the doors... but buggered if I can remember the title
  6. ooo I know that one....was listening to it today aswell.
  7. Riders on the storm is the title.

    Whats the story behind it tho?
  8. I got it riders on the storm..........
  9. 19 years old, long haired hippies sitting round smokin dope........and not giving me any.....the bastards
  10. jeebuz, i find their shyte boring as batshit and i still got it :LOL: (not a doors fan)

    please send you answer to old pink, care of the funny farm

    that ones probably not fair, but theres gotta be a few here that know it....
  11. Go see www.kisstheguy.com for the best misheard lyrics...

    I loved the bat out of hell - misheard lyrics were

    I'm going to hit the highway like a battery hen
    on a silver black mountain bike.

    roadkill and exercise! ha
  12. yeah, ain't that a hoot of a site?
    mind you, if singers actually pronounced the words properly, and bands didn't have so much instrumentation that you can't hear the singer, there'd be fewer mistakes.

    Alright, how about this line

    "My children will go, as soon as they're grown, cos there ain't nothing here now to hold them"

    and, no fair googling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dylan of course... North Country Blues

    one with special significance for Brian I suspect.
  14. Pink & Insanity sorta point towards Pink Floyd, from DSOTM?
  15. Without looking it up I can't remember which track but wasn't that something to do with playing a track on The Wall backwards?

  16. yep.... not sure which one though.

    then again there is the Floyd/Wizard of OZ connection..never bothered to try it though. Can't stand Wizard of OZ long enought to find out

  17. actually if there talking about "Pink" as in their character.... it would be The Wall...

    been a while since i put Floyd on the playlist.....
  18. A tribute to Syd Barret.
  19. .... who is still alive, but doesn't know it.....