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Lyrebird attachs bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Have recently gotten rather too close to Lyrebird - or rather it got too close to me! Decided to take myself up to Toolangi & back for a spin on one of our last warmish days in Melbourne. Passed a sign saying 'Watch out for Lyrebirds' - thought to myself that won't be much fun on a bike. When WHAM. A flying Lyrebird hits me square in the chest! It had obviously decided to fly across the road right at the precise moment I came along!
    Luckily for me - bike didn't miss a beat. By the time I reliased what had happend, stopped & turned around to check on Lyrebird it had gone. What I did find was an armful of rather nice feathers as a momentom of the occassion :shock:

  2. That's a bit funny! Glad you were okay :)

    I've long held the theory that birds are adrenalin junkies and, like kids in a skatepark, hang out on country roads waiting for unsuspecting vehicles to come along. Street cred is earned by how close the bird can get to the car/bike without getting hit.
  3. Lyrebird attacks bike!

    Thanks - I like that.
    PS - sorry for the spelling sould be 'attacks' (I'm at work)
  4. I've heard a few stories bought the block on the way to sommerset.

    Mate of mine was trying to catch a friend and met him at the bottom sitting down doing stretches, he hit 2 birds on the way down going quickly!! from what i'm told. Ouch.

    Can't remember what kind of birds they were.

    did it give you a nice bruise or anything?
  5. Lyrebird attacks bike!

    Was sore for a week. Also, both my new Joe Rocket jacket - and the clean tank got splattered with something white. Didn't smell so figured it was from the head end rather than the tail!
  6. damn dude, how fast were you going when you hit? i cleaned up 2 galahs on the way out to meredith at 120 and it hurt like a biatch :(
  7. I've heard a story of a very large red kangaroo sitting by the side of a empty, long stretch of road in the NT, who was seen to be rocking backwards and forwards, looking like he was psyching himself up to sprint across. At the moment that a ute, travelling at 120km/h drove past, he dove in front of it!!! Needless to say it didn't survive. Suicidal kangaroo or what?!? The story was told by a mate of mine who was following 200m behind on a bike!
  8. Lyrebird attacks bike!

    Uphill, windy road in the forest - so only about 60kmp. What was more frustrating was the car behind me that didn't even bother stop to see if me or the bird was o.k. - you can always tell the drivers that have never riden...
  9. I've been hit by a magpie once in Canberra, it bounced off the visor - I was very glad of the full face helmet...

    Then again, it might well have been a deliberate attack since I'm a Melbourne supporter. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  11. In the first month of owning my old K2 thou,i had 3 birds commit suicide on my bike,2 bounced off the front fairing next to the headlight and the other one used my brake discs as a guillotine. :? On the last one,a bloke coming towards me in his cage saw it happen and nearly crashed he was laughing so hard :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I had a lyrebird do the 'streaker' run in front of me as I was coming down Reefton (at fairly significant speeds). Darted out of the shadows heading straight for my line - fortunately it saw me, and retreated just as quickly!

    I would be a serious mess if he kept going, however. :p
  13. Back in my days as a paper boy I was coming up to the last house on my route.....two sparrows were going nuts one chasing the other......I huge aeral dog fight.

    I was slowing to pull up beside the letter box and I guess the front bird was getting desperate since he couldn't shake the other so it came in from the left of me and aimed straight for my front wheel. While the bike was still moving it shot through the spokes while the wheel was still rotating and out the other side and arced away. Meanwhile I'd come to a stop and was just about to put my foot down when the following bird lined up my front wheel......he slammed into a spoke at full speed and bounced off, and I kid you not, landed on its arse..sat there for a second and sort of shook its head to clear the cobwebs and got back up and took off after the leading sparrow again.

    One of the craziest things I've seen...wish I had it on video.
  14. As usual, flash is completely right.

    We have a resident corps of adreniline junkie lyrebirds living on Macquarie Pass, that delightful twisty piece of road that connects Wollongong to the hghlands.

    My niece lives here and commutes every day up the Pass. She encounters these daredevil birds on a regular basis and I have lost count of the number of times one has streaked across the road in front of me.

    Yet, in spite of the danger inherent in this practice, neither she nor my brother who uses the Pass regularly, nor me have EVER seen one of them hit, killed or lying in a wounded heap on the side of the road.

    There is no doubt that somewhere deep in the rain forest there is a secret camp dedicated to training these birds in the skills necessary to run across the road at the very last second, scare the crap out of the motorist and disappear unscathed into the bush on the other side. I am certain that, if you were able to stop in time, you would hear them high-fiving (three-ing???) each other and laughing uncontrollably.

    I have no doubt also that, when they gather at the pub on a Friday night for after-work drinkies, the bragging sessions concerning who is the bravest is equal to, if not greater than any skydiving/bungee jumping/extreme sport convention.

    And, as for the magpies in Canberra, that's par for the course every spring. They breed them highly protective, totally fearless and inhumanely aggressive down there.

    Many's the time that I have had to stand in the school playground with a tomato stake in hand, warding of a vicious female magpie while ushering the kids out of the playground and on their way home of an afternoon.
  15. I haven't been hit on the bike yet , unless you count my partner.
  16. They do their training doen here in Gippsland up near Tarra-Bulga National Park. I've seen a few dead ones there so obviously if they survive basic survival training down here they're sent up your way for the advanced course... :D

    You're right about those vicious female magpies - you've really got to watch out for those Collingwood supporters.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I'm having football fun this year - Our branch has 2 Carlton supporters, 2 Collingwood supporters and a Hawthorn supporter - and me the Melbourne supporter (who's on top of the tipping ladder :p ).

    laughing demonically :twisted: :twisted:
  17. What did they hit you with? and did it hurt? :LOL:
  18. i had a cokatoo (i had to spell it wrong to get around the swearing filter) fly front on, straight at my helmet a couple of weeks ago whilst doing about 80km/h down warringah road :eek: i think it was only the combo of me ducking and it swooping up at the last minute that saved us both :shock:
  19. Stunt Possums

    i have a theory that runs in congruence with your own.

    it is my belief :wink: that the possums you see on the side of the road are actually stunt possums.
    they wait in the gutter until the exact moment they can pounce out in front of you,
    causing you to panic,
    at the optimal moment they intentionally barrel roll between your wheels,
    then scurry off into the bushes,
    giving you the impression that you have run them over.

    ( :wink: well anyhow; that is how i trick myself into believing that i haven't squished 'em)