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Lurking out

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Trundler, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Finally decided to quit lurking and start posting, after seeing the increasing amount of statistical BS thrown around by DickPol/TAC and friends, which, as someone who does a lot of statistics studies, makes my eyes bleed.

    Also keen to provide some input for the SMIDSY/filtering campaigns.

    Anyway, here's my little baby...


    Unfortunately it's going to gather cobwebs for the next five months, given the punishment for a few sips over 0.05 is six months home detention. Crock of bollocks but it seems the TAC have won on this front.

    Heading overseas next month for 2.5 months riding so it's not all bad. Thankfully the Dickroads dragnet doesn't extend that far :cheeky:

    Already looking for a post-LAMS upgrade bike to aim for. Main options I'm considering are the SV650S, GSR750, Bandit, VFR800, FZ8S, Z750, Street Triple or Shiver750. Sort of leaning towards the SV650S or FZ8S. Any thoughts?
  2. Hahaha.. (y) Nothing like fleein' the country when the locals wanna make life difficult.

    ... Although, I do not condone drink riding under any circumstances. Know too many people who've either had an accident or been the victim of one due to DUI that it's just turned me right off any vehicle operation under influence of substances of any kind.

    However, having been on the receiving end of the punishment by traffic laws one too many times (mine were all overly eager acceleration related).... I hear you loud n clear!

    Welcome.. for coming out.. :grin:
  3. Welcome to the boards mate.

    You said you have a stats background - what area? Riders are slammed with negative stats often. It'd be good to have some extra firepower on NR when these documents and papers come out.
  4. Take it like a man. You took the risk, now pay the piper. :nopity:
  5. Yeah, wasn't expecting sympathy, just think it's a little steep to go from 0.049 = perfectly acceptable driver to 0.05 = rampaging maniac who should have their life screwed up for six months (for a first offence).

    I'm a physics student, so we tend to do a lot of stats work. If we made statistical conclusions in the same way Vicpol/TAC/etc. do we'd be laughed out of the room.

    A lot of the flaws come from their lack of preparedness to accept natural variance in the statistics. Ie. Road toll goes up, it's assumed that drivers are slacking, when really it's just a natural variance in a fairly random figure (especially given the figures are relatively low). It's what makes so unsettling the chest pumping from such groups when minute changes to the toll appear.
  6. As Rob says we are beaten over the head by very shoddy statistics on a regular basis. So if you have some expertise to bring to the table there it would be useful. :)
  7. I agree with the 0.05 comment. It used to be "exceeds 0.05", but Bracks decided to pander to the beige in order to appear tough on the road toll and made the limit hard and removed all discretion.

    Now a 0.05 has the full stigma of DUI.
  8. They use statistics? I've never seen so much as a standard deviation in a road safety study. Anyway I'm a biology student myself so I'm sure we will be discussing stats down the track.
  9. Heads up, a friend of mine lost his license for 6 months for speeding. He had a holiday in the US during it and he found out he couldn't get a hire car over there as he didn't have a license for that period and they wouldn't insure it.

    Asia/South america/africa probably wouldn't give a crap though if you were buying the bike
  10. You have 28 days to either respond to a speeding loss of license or sort out your affairs for the suspension. If you plan to go overseas, you could legally get an international drivers license within that 28 day period. I think RACV centres can provide you with one.
  11. Welcome to NR. (y)
  12. I wait for the day they even bother with a moving average.

    Did he tell them? I'm relying on their inability to check the VicRoads database, and my deck of old licences.
  13. He had to sign off on having a valid license, that it wasn't suspended etc. Don't know if they ran a check. I've had them look at mine to check its not expired too.

    I think rob's onto a good idea though
  14. Thought you'd like to know I was successful, and will now be cruising Europe for the next two months.
  15. Haha good form - enjoy !
  16. #16 smileedude, May 22, 2012
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    Lucky bastard! Enjoy.