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Lurker turned rider, just shouting out a G'day.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by diasis, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. A G'day to everyone. Lurker turned 'respectful' rider - I've had a Vmoto V1 Monaco (125cc) for three months, but I didn't feel like a motorcyclist or a respectable scooterist with one of those.
    But now, I'm the proud owner of a 2001 Honda VT250C, thanks to Peter Stevens. Even if they deserve to be shot for not cleaning the cobwebs off of her before handing me the keys.
    Karen, the lady in finance is excellent, though.

    But yes. New rider, just shouting out a G'day to everyone. Hope to see some of ye on the road some time!

  2. welcome mate, hehe cobwebs on your new toy, i wouldn't be impressed with that either, but if that's all that's wrong with it after all the stories about peter stevens you've done well :p hehe, nahhh i'm sure it'll be fine. have fun with the new ride :)
  3. Welcome diasis

    Have fun nice bike by the way.

  4. I'm fairly sure there are more cobwebs on the Peter Stevens service department than on your new bike if that makes you feel better ;)

    Congrats on the new ride!
  5. Yep, the spanners are covered in them :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome to the site. Great choice of bike! :grin:
  6. Hey, Welcome and good luck with the new bike.

    Poor customer service with the cobwebs on your bike but it's unavoidable sometimes, i ride my bike everyday and some little bastard spider keeps making new cobwebs every morning. :evil:
  7. Welcome, but, please, don't mention spiders; we have a few Netriders who are terrified of the little beggars :LOL:
  8. I bought my new bike from Central Coast Motorcylces at Gosford and the were great. The washed the bike for me while i went through the paper work. Almost got possum on the other night when riding on the Old Road back from Road Warriors.