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Lurker Revealed!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JayMan, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Hi team,

    I figure it's about time I revealed myself and said hello to you all. Today I became the owner of a new Hyosung GT250R (It's the red one) and I have [most] of you to thank for it. (as he prepares for the pasting he is about to receive...)

    I have been lurking here for a few months since getting my learners and originally was settling on a GPX 2 fiddy until I went to the Sydney bike show and saw these Hyosung thingys and knew what I wanted :D .

    If it wasn't for all the comments and opinions that you all have I would still be hiding in a corner trying to get the voices to stop...

    So day one of my motorcycling lifestyle has been a cracker!! beautiful weather in Sydney, a great experience from the dealer and my beautiful new steed parked in the shed.

    These forums are a wealth of knowledge and I thank you all for the time you all [waste] 8) in here beating out the keys and not out there riding.

    See you on the road.

  2. Hi JayMan , welcome :D .
  3. Hey Jas, congratulations. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much fun as picking up a brand new motorcycle, and what a sparkler of a day you chose on which to do it!! Enjoy, and stay safe. (Glad we could be of assistance, of course)
  4. good on ya mate .... nothin to be ashamed of ... a hyosung is a hellova lot better than a vespar !! remember when hyundai cars first hit the road ? now they are one of the better more reliable makes out there ... just stick with it and my guess is you may even be the top hyosung factory rider in the near future we see on sunday arvos on the telly racing in superbikes :wink:
  5. Hi Jayman!

    Welcome to the forums..!
  6. good on ya mate. congrats on the new bike. If i were looking again i would be doing exactly what you have done. nothing wrong with your choice..
  7. Welcome Jayman :)

    Stay safe and have heaps of fun
  8. Welcome mate, if the Hyosung was the bike that seemed right for you then you made the right choice - no point owning a bike you don't like.
  9. Gday Jayman hope you enjoy ya time here

    Cheers 8)
  10. Welcome, I've only recently seen the Hyosung on he road and i recon it looks pretty hot.
    Good luck with the bike :)
  11. congrats man, I test rode the GT650R and a suprisingly nice bike, not as nice as a Kwaka, but hey.....noboby would buy japanese 40yrs ago.
  12. I think its a great choice for a 250...

    I pulled up next to one at the lights the other day and I couldnt stop staring at it... sure its a 250 twin, but its a damned hot looking 250... and the best size too .... If I had to go back to 250's it would be the bike I buy...