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Lurker originally but new bike came today!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Syd_Chiro, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I have been a lurker on here for the past 18 months but today.....my new bike arrived!!! Got the L's yesterday and today I was all smiles as i broke in a brand spanking new Yamaha XVS650 Classic. It will be all smiles everyday for a while I am sure.
    Looking forward to gaining some skills and then joining you all on a few rides. Hopefully there is an Eastern Suburbs crew that meet regularly?
    I shall see you all out there!


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  2. Nice ride.....Lots a shiny bits. Looks bloody cumfy.

    Now time to rack up some kays on here eh?

  3. I ride a Yamaha too, I think you will enjoy that lovely bike, congratulations.
  4. Very, very nice. Congrats!

    I like the colour, and the those pipes look great. Hope you two have a long and happy relationship!

    Take it easy, and ride safe.
  5. Well done matt, nice bike. Great little cruiser.
  6. hello ( again )

    Cool ride, im getting one of these next but im getting a Custom in white....

    Awesome ride....Love the Yammies.
  7. yamaharley eh, welcome bud
  8. Yeah its been pretty sweet doing laps around the block...although the pipes i had put on are definitely louder than I had anticipated, Im nearly deaf when on the bike and where I live I am just waiting for the noise complaint!. I just wanted to say your quote-footer is the shit!!=D>
  9. ....I guess....but I do like that. Haven't heard that before.(y)
  10. Ooooh, shiny, shiny. Not my thing, but whatever floats your boat. Probably go buy a box of industrial-strength ear plugs, eh?
  11. Welcome aboard Matt - nice bike dude!

    I ride the same bike - only in white.

    Notice you got the V&H pipes too (same as me)...sounds awesome hey! :)
  12. Cheers mate. Yes they do although I am worried I'll be nabbed for them.. Do you have any trouble? Do you live in built up area?
  13. Yep - inner suburbs of Melbourne.
    In an apartment complex.

    The day I got my bike I found note on my front door...

    "Dear Resident...
    Your bike is very loud.
    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah

    But that was 3 months ago and I haven't had any notes since.
    No trouble form the police either.

    I try to be quiet entering and leaving - especially early in the morning and late at night.

    I've got the V&H quiet baffles sitting here but I haven't worked out how to fit them. Not even sure I will.
  14. ok... are the quiet baffles something that can be slipped in/on easily? I.e your leaving at 5am pop em on or is it more of an install do you think?
  15. I'll let you know, if and when I can work out how to fit them.

    I think it's a 5 minute spanner job.
  16. From the V and H site :

    Quiet Baffle
    Our Quiet Baffle logo designates an exhaust system compatible with our optional quiet baffles. Baffles are used to reduce the sound levels of exhaust and also aid in the build up of back pressure as shown in the illustration. Every system we manufacture is complete with standard baffles that our engineers design to match the engine and exhaust for the best possible performance and sound quality. Now we also offer quiet baffles for our most popular systems, which provide a reduction of 2-3 dBs of sound volume.
  17. Nice ride! Welcome to NR.
  18. Welcome mate. Nice bike. Guess we'll keep an ear out for you then :LOL:

  19. Nice bike. I bought a 2nd hand one in black for my missus so she'd get her L's. She loves it! I was quite impressed with it too, once I'd got my head around the riding position, quite different to the sportsbikes I'm used to. I was especially surprised at how quicly and how easily it tips into corners. I've scraped the boards a couple of times, whereas I've never scraped a footpeg before. As for the noise, Petria's bike has aftermarket pipes on it and while you've got the taps open it sounds like a blackhawk helicopter is following you, as soon as you roll off to a steady throttle it ain't too bad at all.
  20. Nice ride Matt, enjoy