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Luring Mrs Hornet

Discussion in 'Touring' started by hornet, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Get your minds out if the gutter, you lot, I'm taking about back to riding, or more specifically, pillioning. A bit of background....
    Back in the seventies when I started riding we bought a Yamaha 250 for her to ride too. For a few years we went everywhere, but then she fell pregnant, had our daughter, we sold the bike and her gear and she let her licence lapse.
    Fast forward to today, she's not even tried getting on the back of the VFR, but just today said she might be interested in traveling by bike again, obviously on a more suitable bike. I got to thinking BMW, but the alphabet soup of models and designations defeats me.
    So, let's say a budget of $6,000 approx, and the fact that she's a bit more generously proportioned than forty years ago, what do you knowledgeable Netriders recommend?????

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  2. How exciting! :woot:(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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  3. I'm not particularly knowledgeable so there's that as a qualifier - others may be able to point out known flaws or downsides in the following models.

    If you're thinking of BMW for around the $6,000-mark, what about the R1150R?

    Or a Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom?
  4. Probably would want something a bit more tour-ey if you know what I mean, but thanks for the suggestion :)
  5. I share your sentiments. I spent a few years in Malaysia where all we had was a bike and got around everywhere together even if it was only as a pillion. In Aus though she insisted on the car and rarely got on a bike It is too late to convert her now as she is paraplegic. I still ride as often as I can but only solo and usually only to do the shopping. I wish you well
  6. I think you're going to have to go and measure seat-to-pillion-peg and go with whichever is greatest.
    Off the top of my head I'd be thinking along the lines of FJR.
  7. Honda Deauville.
    Full complement of panniers and fairings already fitted as standard
    shaft drive
    650cc so not too big/powerful for a returning rider
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  8. I took Hornet to mean that Mrs Hornet would resume pillion riding... ?
  9. Yes indeed, a classic 'slab' seat....
  10. I recommend you sell her car so she has no choice! Lol
    Put the sale value towards a more expensive bike. An R1200RT would suit you just nicely nicely.
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  11. Great news, what about getting her back on her own bike (so you can keep your beloved one)?
  12. When my wife said she would ride with me there was only ever going to be one Bike for us. The Goldwing. The 1200 like I rode to Dunkeld is a great bike but the 1500 goldwing which would tend to be a bit over budget would suit you better. I you are interest in either hit me up and I will tell you all about them. I have done over 200 kms on them. IMG_1237.JPG IMG_0174 (768x1024).
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  13. We only have one car, and one bike. There's no way I would sell either. She's not interested in riding again but open to the idea of pillioning. So the plan would be to get another bike....
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  14. You really should trial the VFR. It's not like they are bad two-up.
  15. If you're looking for something more touring orientated then I second the idea of an FJR1300 but the Honda ST1100 and the Kawasaki GTR1000 would do the job nearly as well (and lower resale on those should mean lower kms and better condition).

    However if you're looking for a sports tourer that's got a bit more space for carrying a pillion have you thought about the Honda CBR1100XX?
  16. Sounds very like my situation not long ago and the reason I picked up a R1150RT. I think of the letters as meaning RS: road sport, RT: road tourer, LT: Luxury tourer.
    We were travelling on the 650 Strom, but given we are both a little more padded than we used to be I wanted more seat, more ccs, and more brakes. Mostly the seat and brakes to be honest, but the extra torque is nice.
    The catch with the BMW: parts are dearer and the engineering is ... different. Not wrong, not bad (it's German after all) just different. It's not a slick shifting machine, but it can gain a respectable rate of forward motion quite easily if you let it. It is NOT turbine smooth however, and does display some "character". Ride one before you buy one. Also, the rather large fairing has to come off for many maintenance tasks, which is a pain and turns several five minute jobs into half to hour jobs. That's an exaggeration, but it's the perception you get pretty quick.
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  17. For something that could be picked up a few years old at a modest investment what about the;
    • Suzuki 1250 Bandit, just have to be careful of the wrist activated pillion tipper. The fully faired job is nice too, GSX1250FA, but fairly recent so may not be in your price range.
    • Honda ST1100 or ST1300.
    • FJR for something a bit refined.
    • Sprint GT or an ST
    • Or you could go all out touring and look for a second hand Goldwing or the Bavarian equivalent.
    • I saw a lightly used and quite pristine Kawasaki GTR1400 for sale a year or so ago and it only had 10k on it, I was sorely tempted but thought that a 1 L jump in capacity might be a bit much all in one hit.
    I'm completely lost with the BMW models for anything after the K100 but a stroll around the dealers second hand section should give you some ideas and there are still K100s out there for very little money in decent nick. One of my colleagues traded one in on a newer BMW tourer a year or two ago.
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  18. maybe i should take her for a spin
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