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Lunchtime Vid 4 ya!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 99CIBBER, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. #1 99CIBBER, Aug 6, 2010
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  2. haha, mottard for the win
  3. wow, i soo can't wait for summer again, nice vid =D>
  4. ken lay would have a fit lol
  5. Morons.
  6. agreed, rc
  7. Now THAT is how you treat a road like a racetrack (y) Awesome find Cibber.
  8. Very lucky to still be around after going onto the wrong side so amny bloody times.
  9. Wow those blokes can really ride. But they were sure pushing their luck at times.
  10. could have all too easilly caused some innocent people a lot of grief and suffering... so, not only putting themselves at risk, can't really condone that.

    all were great riders, though i think the lead rider was probably a pro,.. but notice just how many chances the others were prepared to take to try and catch him.

    red mist decends and it's just a game of russian roulette... problem is, innocent bystanders are also loaded in the barrel.
  11. I wonder how many kittens died during the making of that video.
  12. This is how they control the cat population in Greece.
  13. Agreed...
  14. One thing that just came to mind while watching this vid was that, even if an innocent party say another rider or motorist, was involved in a fatal accident through no fault of their own where the crazy rider died, then the innocent party still has to live with the horror of the fatality, even if no injuries were sustained, there is still the emotional fall-out of the accident including visual flash backs and mental trauma.
  15. Yep, everyone: those involved in the crash, mates, bystanders, emergency response, investigators, towies, family, friends. All because people don't want to take it to a bike track.
  16. Ignoring the politics, can someone in the know tell me if those guys are running slipper clutches? They are getting some serious shuddering under brakes. Is that what a slipper does or is it the usual chain slapping compression lockup that you get with a conventional clutch? It looks like they are trying to back it into the corners sometimes.
  17. i was thinking that the shuddering was from the rear locking a bit from braking and bouncing.
  18. They are trying to back it in sometimes. I think they have other videos where you can see it more clearly.
  19. No slipper on the Gixxer, his riding's a bit sloppy in places (just like the previous vids in the same series). Epic fast though. As for the safety question - hands up anybody that can see what the riders can see?
  20. Just watched the other videos, I can see what you mean now. I know that feeling of the rear shuddering well (when pushing hard) but I've always taken it as the brink of death. I always imagined that backing it in would be smooth :-k